The combination of colors in clothes

The combination of colors in clothes
  1. Combination principles
  2. How and with what to combine colors?
  3. Combination of contrasting colors
  4. Unusual options
  5. Combinations in outerwear
  6. Selection of clothes and shoes
  7. How to match with accessories
  8. table
  9. Color combination rules
  10. Beautiful combinations

The ability to correctly combine colors in clothes is an important skill, having mastered it, you can always look great!

Combination principles


First, let's talk about a monochrome group, which consists of a line of the same color spectrum. That is, your image should be made in a single color scheme, things can only differ in shade - from dark to light.

The simplest and most popular monochrome is black. An outfit made in this color is called total black. The image made in white looks spectacular, respectively, total white.

But do not dwell on neutral colors, look looks much more interesting in bright colors. Several shades in the image look more interesting and richer than a one-color composition.

In this case, it is permissible to add an accessory of a different color. For example, dilute the white ensemble with a yellow clutch or gray red.

2 colors

Contrasting colors or related-contrasting colors can be well combined with each other.Colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel look spectacular in a pair. The pair can be either bright, expressive, or softer if the contrast is reduced.

3 colors

There are several options for how you can combine 3 colors in one look. For example, in similarity, using related shades in one bow. A very common combination of a triad is a combination of three shades that can be connected to an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. You can connect the lines yourself to find the most interesting combinations. If you have a red coat and green pants, the color wheel will help you choose a blouse or jumper that will look harmonious in this look.

4 colors

The combination of four colors is called a tetrad and requires certain skills. Its principle is based on a combination of colors, which are represented on the color wheel in the form of a square or rectangle. At the same time, it is permissible to remove one of the colors from this "quartet", but the image will still remain harmonious.

It is very difficult to remember these combinations, therefore, when drawing up such a bow, you need to use a circle, or you can focus on ready-made combinations spied on a fashionable website or on glossy pages.

How and with what to combine colors?


Classic or basic - these are universal colors that suit any color type.

The classics are black, gray, white, beige, brown and blue.

  • Black is elegant and slims the figure well. He is always in fashion, especially if you choose things with a classic cut. It is best to combine with black contrasting colors, light or bright.
  • Gray is restrained and conservative, its palette is extensive, it has a lot of subtones. Combinations with gray clothes are calm and soft.

In casual looks, gray is best combined with neutral and pastel colors. For a more grungy look, go for graphite and black, accentuating bright red lipstick or shoes.

    • White is the color of restraint and innocence. It has a huge number of shades, from cold snowy to warm milky. You can combine clothes with white, pastel, delicate colors, or you can bright and catchy. White attracts the eye by itself, but if you add a bright accent to the image, it will cease to be a soloist, and will become an addition or background. After all, this is a very compromise color.
    • Beige is soft and as neutral as possible, because it is the color of bare skin. However, it is often worn by wealthy people, so it also began to be associated with luxury. It has a lot of shades, in this it even surpasses white, only brown can compare with its versatility. When composing the look with beige, avoid harsh colors. Give preference to bright or soft shades that will make your look light and elegant.

    The division into warm and cold shades corresponds to the seasons. Winter shades (blue, blue and purple) are considered cold, summer shades (red, yellow, orange) are considered warm. Although the principle of color distribution goes much deeper.

    There are many complex shades that can be classified as both cold and warm.

    Green is on the borderline as it has the largest number of both warm and cold shades.

    Since each color has cold and warm shades, we will look at each group separately.


    • Shades of blue and purple with added white, black or red. For example, azure, royal (royal blue), cornflower blue, cobalt and others. These colors are combined with cold or neutral colors, or saturated contrasting ones.
    • Shades of green range from very light aquatic to piercingly vibrant turquoise and malachite. These include mint, menthol, jade, emerald, gray-green.These are quite strict shades that look good with gray, pink, purple. If you want a bright, memorable look, wear them with red, orange or yellow.
    • Pinks include all shades that are derived from magenta and violet. They are fresh colors that go well with grays, yellows, olive, blues, blues and all herbal shades.
    • All pastel colors of this color are referred to yellow.


    • Warm shades of blue are very complex, usually with hints of green, as they are formed by mixing with yellow. These are blue-green, turquoise, aqua, denim, steel, blue-gray, Prussian blue. Looks with these colors are soft and calm. It is best to complement them with the same warm tones.
    • In warm colors, green is fully revealed. Shades can be yellow or olive undertones. The brightness of the shades in each group changes, depending on the amount of gray impurity. These colors lift the mood and fill the image with a soft glow. You can combine them with both cold and warm colors.
    • Warm shades of pink are formed from orange and red. These are all colors with an admixture of peach, coral, flamingo, strawberry and salmon. These shades are best combined with soft, light colors, but also reveal in combination with a cool blue. They can be worn with beige and brown colors, olive, khaki, gray-lilac.
    • Yellows are rich and vibrant, with red, orange and brown tones. These include apricot, banana, corn, mustard, saffron, lemon, canary, golden. They look good with warm and cold colors.

    Combination of contrasting colors

    There are 7 types of contrast combinations, in turn, each combination consists of several types of contrast.

    • By lightness - dark and light clothes are combined in one bow.
    • By temperature - a combination of cold and warm shades. It can be as cold and warm as possible, or softer, with a small temperature difference. For example, as is the case with pastel colors.
    • Saturation - neutral and complex or muted shades are used in one look.
    • By the size of the color spot - the image is built in a neutral color scheme, with the addition of bright details. Most often it is a shirt or blouse, but it can also be trousers, a skirt. Using this technique, you can divert attention from the shortcomings and focus on the dignity of the figure.
    • Mix of complementary colors. To understand this contrast, you need to understand the concept of the color wheel, which we will talk about below. It is based on the principle of combining diametrically opposite colors in one image.
    • Simultaneous contrast - a combination of gray clothes with multi-colored.

    Unusual options

    Combining seemingly incompatible shades with each other may seem like a rather difficult task. You can start small by adding bold accessories to your look.

    For example, complementing a green dress with a pair of lilac shoes, or diluting a monochrome mint look with purple pumps. A saffron dress with cobalt ankle boots will look good.

    You can start small, combining your favorite colors that you previously did not dare to combine in one bow. For these purposes, red is perfect, which unexpectedly opens up in a company with lavender, Barbie color or a shade of rose quartz.

    Gradually, it will be possible to combine in one image not two, but several bright colors at once. It is best to use pure rainbow colors to complement a calm, understated look.

    If you don't like one of the colors, just remove it from your outfit. Likewise, you can add any other color using the color wheel.

    Combinations in outerwear


    Contrary to popular belief, black outerwear is not suitable for everyone. It looks good on girls with bright facial features, preferably on the "winter" color type, which is rarely found among Slavic women. If you do not have a contrasting appearance, it is better to forget about a black coat. Wearing a black coat is best with red or white accessories.


    Brown coats are also popular, although it is rather difficult to choose accessories for them. It looks best with blue, perhaps green or yellow. Not every girl decides on shoes and a handbag of such a bright color, so think a few times before opting for brown outerwear.


    Gray is not for everyone, but it is still easier to fit into your wardrobe than brown. A gray coat will look good with shoes and accessories in a burgundy, wine, graphite shade. Among other things, bright accessories also have a place to be, so it is interesting to experiment with it.


    If you want a coat of this color, forget about the bright blue, unless you are a young schoolgirl. On girls and women, coats of sky blue and cornflower blue look attractive. It is not difficult to choose shoes and accessories for such outerwear, it can be gray or beige-brown colors.


    A scarlet coat, like black, is only suitable for owners of a contrasting appearance, and is not very suitable for everyday wear. If you want to opt for red, choose diluted shades. It can be lingonberry, pomegranate, cherry, cinnabar.

    You can pick up shoes and accessories in pink, green, blue or gray shades. Forget black if you don't want to look like a femme fatale. As a rule, this is not always appropriate in everyday life.


    Due to the variety of green colors, absolutely any girl can choose a coat of a green shade that suits her. Plus, it's the only color that goes with absolutely everything!

    You can choose shoes and accessories of any color for it, you just need to experiment a little. Even black and brown, which do not match the previous colors, will be appropriate here. Therefore, green is definitely worth paying close attention to.


    Outerwear of almost all shades of pink looks advantageous. As with green, you need to choose the right shade. It can be salmon, rose quartz, shocking pink, fuchsia. It will be best combined with shoes and accessories in beige, yellow and green.


    A coral-colored coat looks very feminine and elegant, this is a great solution for the spring. To him you can pick up shoes and accessories of blue-blue, pistachio, mint shades. You will feel relevant and fresh.


    An eggplant or plum coat or jacket looks advantageous on many girls, emphasizing their natural beauty. You can combine such outerwear with shades of yellow and green, or related colors from the spectrum.

    Selection of clothes and shoes

    Black shoes

    As in the case of outerwear, there is a misconception that black shoes are universal and suitable for any outfit. Of course, black shoes make the leg small and the image elegant, but they do not go well with the colored and light clothes, which we most often prefer today.

    Black shoes are good for those looks where black predominates. It could be a business suit, a little black dress, or perhaps a gray suit.

    Forget about black shoes, if your bow is dominated by brown colors, beige or brown matching shoes are much better suited to it.

    White shoes

    Try to wear white shoes if white is already present in the image.Since white visually makes the leg look bigger, try to avoid white boots and boots that are large enough in themselves.

    Save white shoes for summer with open-toe shoes or sandals with high heels. True, this does not apply to white sneakers, which, in combination with blue jeans, have already become classics.

    The main taboo - do not wear white shoes with black trousers or jeans, and even more so, do not wear black tights. The bottom should be light and light, to match the shoes.

    Colorful shoes

    If you are wearing brightly colored clothes, do not destroy the originality of the look by wearing black shoes. Also, do not try to choose shoes from the same color scheme as, for example, a dress. It is unlikely that you will be able to match the tone, and if you "fly through" with a touch, it will seem that the image is not completely sustained.

    You need to choose bright shoes for a bright dress! You can focus on the color wheel, or use the ready-made unusual combinations that we mentioned above.

    But if you are not yet ready for such a bold look, choose shoes in beige or gray. Colored shoes are also acceptable if they exactly match one of the colors shown in the image. In order not to miss the mark, rely on pure shades without impurities, it is easier to match them to them.

    Colored shoes will look good in calm, understated looks, sustained in a basic color scheme. Dilute gray, beige, black or navy blue with colorful shoes and accessories.

    How to match with accessories


    • Shoes and a bag in one color is a rather conservative, outdated combination. But it is perfect for those who prefer eclecticism and vivid images. This way, your shoes and bag will not attract a lot of attention, and others will be able to focus on your look. This works well with the classic color scheme - black, brown, gray, navy blue, beige, maybe red.
    • It is best to choose a bag not for shoes, but for clothes. For example, for a dress with a pattern, you can choose a handbag to match the color of the pattern. Shoes or a bag can be matched exactly to the color of the garment, but not both of these items at the same time.
    • To show your individual style, mix not only colors, but also textures.
    • For shoes with animalistic or floral prints, you can choose a bag to match, but not the same color. A striking example is leopard-print shoes and accessories that cannot be used in one look!
    • You should not choose a black bag for bright shoes, you will get the feeling of an unfinished image. It is better to choose a colored accessory in a different color, which is duplicated by another piece of the bow.
    • If you are betting on beige or black, try to have shoes and a handbag from different materials. Leather shoes and a lacquered clutch, suede sandals and a textile bag.
    • Patent leather shoes and accessories in one look are bad manners. Such a tandem looks not only absolutely tasteless, but also vulgar.


    Today you can find many tables to help you figure out if your chosen colors work together. It is also convenient to focus on the color wheel, which we have mentioned several times, and which is shown below. We also bring to your attention a table, focusing on which, it will be easier for you to make a choice and create harmonious images.

    Color combination rules


    Girls with this color type have a cold skin tone, so you need to choose clothes and accessories in such a way as to compensate for this deficiency, and not to emphasize it, otherwise the complexion will become “cadaverous”.

    If you are a "contrasting summer", it is also important for you to choose clothes that are not bright colors, because your contrast will not stand it anyway (unlike in Winter). You will also look good on dark shades that do not suit regular Summer.

    Give preference to cool or neutral complex shades that will be a continuation of your multi-color color type.

    These shades will suit you:

    • purple;
    • dark pink without impurities;
    • dark and pale red;
    • light and pale yellow;
    • blue-green and yellow-green;
    • faint blue;
    • brown without yellow admixture;
    • purple;
    • all neutral except warm beige.


    Girls of this color type can change beyond recognition, only by wearing clothes of a different color. Warm skin tone allows for warm, cool and neutral tones.

    The color scheme should be saturated, avoid pale pastel colors. Choose complex colors, as pure colors will overwhelm your natural appeal.

    These shades will suit you:

    • red mixed with yellow;
    • orange;
    • yellow with a red or blue undertone;
    • green and blue, except very bright and very pale;
    • brown, except dark and pale;
    • purple with a touch of blue, gray or brown;
    • neutral, but not light or pastel.


    Since girls of this color type have a warm honey skin tone, they can wear clothes in very cold, intermediate and warm colors.

    The color type itself is not contrasting, but it can be made like this. For example, putting on a scarlet dress on a blonde-Spring. A bright outfit against a white leather background will look more than contrasting.

    Spring is perfect for gentle images, all light pastel shades. The main thing is that the colors are pure, without any admixture of gray. It's also important to avoid dark shades.

    These shades will suit you:

    • delicate shades of pink and fuchsia;
    • all shades of red, except dark;
    • some shades of orange with a yellow or pink undertone;
    • shades of yellow, except very light;
    • most shades of green, except for dark ones and those with a gray undertone, as well as light green;
    • all shades of blue except blue-gray and blue-gray;
    • light shades of brown with yellow or red undertone;
    • shades of violet except dark and gray-violet;
    • from neutral shades milky and creamy will suit you.


    All bright, juicy shades that help to reveal their natural beauty are suitable for girls with this color type.

    These shades will suit you:

    • deep black;
    • all rich base shades;
    • cold pastel shades;
    • all juicy catchy shades: purple, lemon, turquoise, raspberry, fuchsia, lilac, azure, juicy green, bright red.

    Beautiful combinations

    Let's finally look at beautiful unusual combinations that will help you visually make sure that you should not be afraid to combine bright colors in one look. Experiment and you will succeed!

    Orange, purple and green

    Malachite high-waisted pants, a bright purple top that can be swapped out for a plum, and an orange blazer. A great solution for a party and for going out. The image is complemented by high-heeled sandals to match the trousers, golden belt, and a small golden clutch.

    Brick, brown and coffee with milk

    It is not necessary to wear bright clothes to get an interesting harmonious look. Blue jeans, white T-shirt, milky jacket. Nothing special, right? But the look changes dramatically thanks to the accessories. Brown hat, cappuccino knitted scarf and brick bag. It turned out to be a very stylish outfit!

      Berry shades

      Blackberry and deep red

      If you want a catchy and luxurious look, combine ripe berry trousers with a blackberry shirt in one look. So that this combination does not look too flashy, complement the image of a coffee-colored coat that will soften the look.

      Peach and cherry

      An interesting combination of a dark green shirt, a cherry sun skirt and a peach blazer. All shades are slightly muted, so they do not argue with the appearance. The look is complemented by black pointed toe shoes and a black and white clutch.

        Sand and red

        In a casual summer look, a sandy skirt to the floor is perfectly combined with a thin red jumper. The look is complemented by brown sandals and a floral clutch. A soft, relaxed look for every day.

        Cyclamen and green

        In one look, related shades of purple are perfectly combined, diluted with a dress of a juicy green hue. An excellent solution when you want to fill your everyday look with bright colors.

          Purple and Camel

          A very gentle spring look. Lilac skinny, pale blue shirt, camel coat and leopard pumps, which in this look do not look vulgar at all, but very stylish.

          Eggplant and golden

          Today, shoes and accessories made of metallic leather are in fashion, so gold shoes will be a great addition to an evening dress, for example, an eggplant shade. The look will be complemented by a pendant on a long chain and a clutch, decorated with sequins.

            Lime and steel

            When you want bright colors, add a lime-colored coat to a calm casual look. And to make the look even more spectacular, shoe on metallic steel-colored boats.

            Ocher and chocolate

            Shades of yellow and brown look spectacular in one look. Metallic shoes and accessories help to dilute the image. Look will be appropriate in everyday life and suitable for a special occasion.

            Salmon and marsh

            An unexpected combination that looks great in one look. A salmon-colored sun skirt and a swamp-colored shirt. Shoes and a handbag are matched to the color of the shirt, so the skirt serves as a bright spot of the image, focusing on itself. This technique is worth taking into service if you want to add the missing volume to the hips.

            Dusty rose and milky

            The beauty of this look is the use of unisex clothing in delicate pastel shades. A milky sweater, a dusty rose-colored jacket, light blue jeans and cognac-colored low-heeled shoes. It turns out to be an interesting play on contrasts, not colors, but shapes.

            Cognac and vanilla

            Another gentle girlish look. Vanilla-colored skirt and top, matching sandals, handbag and cognac-colored belt. The look really turned out to be "vanilla", slightly childish, but it is great for a first date.


            The amber dress is perfect for light summer looks. It will look great on girls with the "Autumn" color type. You can complement it with brown sandals and a handbag with a long strap.

            And many more interesting images.

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