Living room design and interior

All about living room interior design

All about living room interior design
  1. Which room is the hall?
  2. Dimensions (edit)
  3. Forms
  4. We take into account the features
  5. A room without a window
  6. Style solutions
  7. Color scheme
  8. Floor, wall and ceiling finishing
  9. Lighting
  10. Arrangement of furniture
  11. Decor
  12. How to zone?
  13. What to consider when developing a design project?
  14. Ideas and Tips
  15. Examples of good design

Each person strives to create in his home not just a stylish design, but a truly cozy corner where all family members and friends will be happy to gather. The living room can be an ideal place for this.

Consider all the features of such a room and the nuances of its harmonious design.

Which room is the hall?

The living room is a very functional room, which is often referred to as a hall. These concepts, although they have different origins, mean about the same thing when it comes to describing rooms in an apartment. Let's take a closer look at their occurrence, and also clarify whether the hall is a living room.

The concept of "hall" appeared in ancient times in France, and the correct pronunciation was feminine - "hall". This term was used to refer to large, spacious rooms with a minimum number of furniture attributes, intended for receiving guests. Most often, the halls hosted balls, dances and other entertainment events, and sometimes even social gatherings.

The living room is something more cozy and, in comparison with the hall, even personal and slightly intimate.

The thing is that the living room has long been also intended for meeting guests, but it was just a narrow circle of people especially close to the owner of the house. The evenings were spent in confidential conversations and family celebrations on a small scale.

Nowadays, living rooms are usually called halls, especially if they have space that can accommodate a large number of guests. But it's worth noting that the hall is still a broader concept, meaning much more, for example, a gym, a dance hall, a cinema, and the term "living room" fully describes the purpose of the room and does not have any other meanings.

Dimensions (edit)

The size of the room for receiving guests can be completely different, it all depends on the total area of ​​the living space and on the wishes of its owners. Of course, having a feast and gathering friends is much more pleasant in a large spacious room, but a small cozy corner will not be deprived of attention.

Indoors 30 sq. m, there is enough space to accommodate fairly large and at the same time comfortable furniture attributes. For example, wide sofas with large pillows, massive wardrobes and a large coffee table. You can also get a home theater and large-screen TV, which is useful for watching movies with the whole company or with your family.

Slightly less spacious is the living room with an area of ​​25 sq. m, for which quite large elements of furniture and decor can also be selected. Such a room can be either square or rectangular, so you need to arrange furniture based on these parameters.

But in a room with parameters of 13-14 sq. m will have to think over the layout more carefully and be a little more modest in the choice of furniture accompaniment... You may even have to get by with a sofa and a modular TV wall and some things.

The furnishings will be much more modest in a room with an area of ​​11 - 12 sq. m. In this case, the situation directly depends on the shape of the room, since a square living room allows you to concentrate compact pieces of furniture in the middle, but a rectangular one allows the arrangement of furniture attributes exclusively along the walls.


In many ways, the decor in the living room depends on the shape of the room, which can be absolutely varied, since modern technologies and layouts fully allow for this.

As already said, square shape is more versatile and allows you to arrange all the necessary furniture in a compact and modern way. In addition, this form is considered more comfortable and practical in terms of lighting, since even a central chandelier can spread light to all corners of the room.

There are also layouts with long narrow rooms, the design of which can be somewhat difficult.

So that the room does not seem small, it will be necessary to take care of the special design of the walls, which will help to visually increase the space. Light colors and mirror surfaces will help in this.

It is much less common to find premises round shape, furniture filling and design of which will not be so easy to come up with. In such cases, you can be puzzled by the manufacture of exclusive custom-made furniture, which will have a suitable shape and harmoniously fit into the interior.

You can also meet elongated round rooms - in the form of an oval. Recommendations for their layout and design will be the same as in the case of a circle.

We take into account the features

Before proceeding directly to the design of such a room, it is necessary to consider all its features that can affect both the appearance of the room and its functionality.

In addition, certain features can become an obstacle to buying this or that furniture, as well as some kind of recommendations for its placement.

Walk-through living room

Often there are layouts with so-called walk-through living rooms. This designates rooms that are intermediate between others. For example, between the hallway and the kitchen, or between the dining area and the bedrooms.This arrangement of the room can even be called somewhat central, since in order to get to another point in the apartment, you will definitely have to go through it.

The peculiarity of such a room is that it has several doorways, perhaps even several walls, which means that placing furniture along the walls can be somewhat difficult.

Most often, in such rooms, sofas and armchairs are located in the center of the room, and cabinets and TV stands are located near the walls, where space allows it.

You can also consider placing small cabinets between doorways.

Besides, when planning this kind, it is necessary to take care of the design of the interior doorways and think in advance whether they will be equipped with doors or presented in the form of beautiful arches.

For passages between the bedroom and the living room, the door is more a necessity than some kind of decor element, but its absence is quite acceptable between the living room and the kitchen area.

With a balcony

Living rooms with a balcony also have a number of features. For example, they also have two doorways, which can cause furniture to be arranged in the same way as in a walk-through room layout. It should be noted that this method is not a difficulty or a disadvantage of such rooms, but on the contrary, it is widely popular.

In addition, in the warm season, the balcony can become a kind of summer veranda, where guests can also gather for a cup of tea, a glass of wine and a pleasant conversation. It is only necessary to choose beautiful summer furniture for it, thereby creating an appropriate atmosphere.

And in some cases, the apartment owners prefer get rid of the wall separating the room from the balcony and organize a common space with beautiful panoramic windows. It should be borne in mind that in such cases it will be necessary to resort to a complete replacement of double-glazed windows, as well as to capital insulation and the installation of powerful heating devices, since the balcony area is always much colder than the space in the room.

Both options can be a functional addition to the main space or a completely separate area that will become a highlight of the room and delight guests.

Living room-studio

Living room-studio is a room, in most cases combined with a kitchen area, so it can also be positioned as a kind of dining room. The advantage of this layout is that you can always gather guests in a cozy place and not leave the next room for refreshments and drinks. And among the shortcomings, one can note a possible conflict of interest between those who want to relax in front of the TV and those who are busy cooking at this time and can create unnecessary noise.

To make such a room more comfortable, it is necessary to think about the competent delineation of the working kitchen space, the eating area and the recreation area.

And if the second and third zones may well be harmoniously compatible, then the first almost always needs zoning.

For this, various pieces of furniture can be used, such as racks with shelves or high bar counters, special vertical blinds or decorative curtains, sliding-door partitions or plasterboard structures, and many other options.

Besides, it is recommended that the recreation area and the kitchen area be at some distance from each other, and best of all, at different ends of the room.

A room without a window

There are often cases when, when determining a room for organizing a living room, the choice falls on a room where there are no windows. At first glance, this may seem like a significant drawback, since daylight sunlight adds to the atmosphere of coziness and always cheers up, but the absence of windows can be used with benefit, taking into account other important nuances.

For example, the first step is to ensure that there is enough fresh air in the room, especially if it is limited and has one entrance.

Things are much simpler with walk-through rooms without windows, since they are ventilated by creating a draft and will not be difficult.

Besides, in a room without daylight, lighting should be well organized, so that, if necessary, you can create an intimate atmosphere in the room with twilight or a friendly, conducive to communication - with full bright light.

It is also recommended to make the overall interior of the room as light as possible, with bright details, so that in the absence of windows it does not seem dark and gloomy. The living room should create a sense of security and relaxation, not anxiety. And if you add a lot of fabric details and pillows to the furniture, then the room will shine with new colors and will be more comfortable.

In the attic

An attic is usually called a room on the top floor of a house, which belongs to the attic, which is actively exploited. Also, multi-level apartments located on the upper floors of houses and having windows in the roof surface can be attributed to attic apartments. That is, daylight always enters the room from above, which is an undeniable advantage.

This arrangement of windows gives you much more opportunity to place large furniture items, for example, cabinets or dish cases along the walls. In addition, there will always be a place to complement the interior with a stylish original picture, which will also have a positive effect on the overall design concept.

As a rule, such rooms can have only one doorway in the wall or not have it at all if the room is located on the top floor of a private house. In this case, the entrance to the attic living room is directly in the floor.

Style solutions

The variety of style directions allows you to design a particular room in accordance with any taste preferences, and the mixing of styles allows you to create a truly unusual and unique interior. Let's take a closer look at the most popular stylistic options for living rooms.

The classics, which never lose popularity, have characteristic features inherent only in this style. A large number of pretentious furniture elements, an abundance of crystal, silver and gilding, as well as the decoration of rooms with columns - all this gives the classic style more gloss and luxury.

Also, furniture attributes in such an interior can be decorated with graceful floral ornaments and openwork carvings, and the interior itself is complemented by bulky lighting fixtures, antique candlesticks and thick curtains.

Provence style in the living room is what you need to create a cozy and intimate corner. A large number of natural elements and natural materials will help create an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility, and soft shades will give the room a sophisticated look.

In addition to the atmosphere of comfort, there are also notes of freshness and romanticism in this style. A similar effect is achieved with the help of rough surfaces, the use of aged furniture and the presence of fabric, knitted and woolen elements.

The presence of a large free space and a minimum of furniture are characteristic features of the loft style, which looks somewhat casual and bold, but at the same time is incredibly stylish and popular.

This stylistic trend is characterized by rough design elements, for example, brickwork or randomly applied textured plaster. Also, the corresponding decorative elements are used in the form of furniture of an unusual shape, original paintings and photographs, as well as various street signs, posters and even road signs.

Solid and sophisticated English style may not be entirely suitable for decorating a living room, since all the furniture attributes and materials in it look somewhat cumbersome and visually make the space heavier.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the modern style, the characteristic features of which are practicality and convenience. All attributes of furniture should be as versatile, compact and functional as possible.Also, in the design of a modern style, the use of useless accessories is not allowed without any purpose other than decor.

Color scheme

Sometimes it is quite difficult to decide on the color solutions in the interior design of the living room, because it is important not only to choose pleasant shades, but also to correctly combine them with each other. You can often find interiors overloaded with colors or, conversely, with a lack of bright details. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to carefully study all aspects of this issue.

For example, it must be borne in mind that the abundance of rich and dark blue in the interior is quite rare and looks somewhat vulgar and tasteless. But using blue details as decor quite appropriate and will look very stylish.

This shade goes well with white, gray, blue and other cold light colors.

Lilac shade in the interior of such a room it can be presented in two versions - saturated bright or pale and delicate. And if the first option is used mainly in the furniture presentation, then the second may well become the main shade of the room design. Also, in addition to these colors, a purple tone is perfect.

Brown shades in the interior of the living room are quite common, be it dark tones or lighter and softer... As a rule, furniture attributes or floor coverings are decorated in dark colors, while light ones are used as ceiling and wall coverings, as well as small fabric accessories.

Very popular pastel shades in interior design, especially when it comes to powdery, vanilla, soft pale blue and light menthol shades. These flowers are most often used to decorate walls, cushions or beautiful tablecloths and napkins on the table. Such living rooms look very gentle and really cozy.

Looks very impressive pistachio shade in the design of the premises, emphasizing all its advantages. In addition, this tone is universal and is organically combined with both dark and light floors. But when filling a room, you should avoid choosing furniture in bright aggressive colors, since in this case the interior will turn out to be motley and not comfortable.

Floor, wall and ceiling finishing

When it comes to decorating a room, you need to be extremely careful and selective. Not only the appearance of the living room directly depends on the materials used, but also the service life of this room, as well as the preservation of the original appearance. In addition, the functionality of the space will also depend on some of the nuances.

For example, it is not just the location of the entrance that plays an important role, but also the direction in which the door will open and close.

If you use a door-book or another option that has a sliding mechanism, then the direction of its movement does not matter, and when installing a conventional door leaf, it should be made so that it opens outward in order to save internal space.

Regardless of whether the doorway has a door or is organized without it, it must in any case be decorated accordingly. And if, in the presence of a canvas, there will be enough beautiful slopes, then an opening without a door gives room for a flight of design imagination. The opening can be finished with plaster or pasted over with wallpaper, then it will not stand out, but can be decorated with a beautiful arch with carved elements or a product with small shelves for greater functionality.

To decorate the walls of such a room, you can not use moisture resistant coatings, since the living room rarely encounters the problem of liquid ingress. Will fit perfectly quality wallpaper, wood wall panels or decorative plaster, which you can create a textured texture on the wall.In addition, very often used paints and varnishes and photo collages.

Perfect as a floor covering laminate or parquet boardthat have sufficient strength. It is also permissible to use linoleum and carpet with a small pile, since long fibers can get tangled and roll. It is not excluded and ceramic tile, especially in the house of those who like to spend the evening in a noisy company over a hookah.

As for the ceiling design, here you can give free rein to imagination and consider any options. It can be wallpaper, paintable tiles, simple finishing with coloring agents, hanging structures or stretch fabrics, and also the finish is the same decorative plaster.


When organizing lighting in the space of the hall, several nuances must be taken into account.

  • Central lighting will be in place if the main furniture attributes are located in the center of the room and the main place of pastime is concentrated.
  • If there are several chairs in the room, it is recommended to arrange next to them additional source of illumination. For example, wall sconces or elegant floor lamps.
  • In some cases, are used LED colored strips, located in the ceiling space along the cornice or in other places. Colored lighting will help brighten up the atmosphere and create the right atmosphere for a noisy evening with friends.
  • Allowed to use backlit cabinets or shelves, thanks to which you can create an intimate twilight atmosphere for a romantic setting.
  • Also quite common spot ceiling lighting... For example, small circular lights located above certain pieces of furniture or living room areas that have separate switches and can work independently of each other.

    It is also worth noting that when organizing lighting, switches located at different ends of the room are often used, so that at any time you can turn on or off any part of the lighting fixtures.

    Arrangement of furniture

    The arrangement of furniture plays a very important role in the design of any room, since it is in this process that you can correct the imperfections of the room, paying attention to the advantages, and also play with the space in order to change its visual perception.

    As previously stated, The most successful way of placing furniture attributes in a spacious living room is the central arrangement of upholstered furniture and cabinets around the perimeter of the room. With such an arrangement, you can visually zone the space without using any additional details, since the furniture itself will be such details.

    Also, if there is free space, sofas and armchairs can be arranged in the shape of the letter "P", and a small coffee table can be placed in the center, on which you can always put drinks and snacks intended for a movie evening.

    They will help to correct imperfections in space and slightly visually enlarge corner cabinets for things or for dishes. Models without side boards are especially popular, but they often seem to be less roomy, although the depth of such products suggests otherwise. Such furniture attributes, installed in at least two corners of the living room, will help make its outlines softer and will not take up too much space.

    If you do not plan to fill the room with a large amount of furniture, but storage space is still necessary, it is recommended to get a low but long cabinet that will be located along the wall, as well as wall cabinets or shelves.

    A TV of any size can be placed on the cabinet, and cabinets and shelves are suitable for storing dishes or decorative items.

    Also, soft poufs and small functional chests of drawers will perfectly fit into the framework of a room of this kind.


    Decorative elements in the interior of absolutely any room will only be an advantage, if they are used in reasonable quantities and selected taking into account the style of the interior and the general idea.

    For example, a bouquet of bright flowers will be a highlight of an interior in white tones with bright details, but in a room with a design in pastel and nude shades, it will look pretentious and inappropriate. It is worth noting that flowers are very often the decor of a room, whether they be cut live plants and potted options or artificial products.

    Small vases and larger floor models, candlesticks, beautiful figurines and even clocks are often used as accessories. All of these items can have the same style as the general interior, or be completely neutral, which makes them versatile for any room.

    A rather unusual living room decor can be aquarium. Although he needs special care and certain conditions of detention, he is still worth the money and effort. The thing is that the room with the aquarium and its inhabitants will be more lively, and watching the fish will help to calm down and relax after a hard day at work.

    In addition, blankets, bedspreads, soft pillows and textile decoration are very often used as decorative elements.

    How to zone?

    Very often, it may be necessary to zoning a space if the rooms are adjacent or one room must perform several functions. The most striking examples are kitchens combined with living rooms, or small rooms that should combine a guest and sleeping area.

    Plasterboard partitions or small furniture racks will help to separate the kitchen area from the space of the hall. You should not build too bulky structures, as they will negatively affect the overall space.

    It will be enough elements with a height of no more than one and a half meters, which can also be equipped with lighting and shelves.

    Curtains can be used for zoning. Moreover, for such purposes, both ordinary double-sided canvases and products on chains consisting of beads, as well as Roman models with a vertical lifting mechanism, are suitable. And if the first two options are used to completely close one zone from another, then Roman blinds perform the function of a partition and only partially divide the space.

    You can also divide the space into zones using a stand with an aquarium, a large stand for flower pots, as well as with the help of decorative carved partitions. Any of these options will not only be a delimitation of zones, but also a very effective decor.

    What to consider when developing a design project?

    Before proceeding with a more detailed development of the living room interior project, it is necessary to take into account many important nuances. For example, individual features of the sizes and shapes of premises, which completely exclude the option of using ready-made layouts and imply the creation of a new, unique design suitable for a particular room.

    If you are not confident in your abilities and doubt that you will be able to think over the interior to the smallest detail and bring your plans to life, it is recommended that you seek the help of designers and a company engaged in the renovation of premises. Design ideas are sometimes quite non-standard, so only professionals can bring them to life.

    If you want to see a truly elite expensive interior in your living room, then you should use the appropriate premium materials, which not only have a characteristic appearance, but also have a high level of quality and durability, which means they will last much longer than cheaper ones. analogs.

    If your goal is to maximize savings and create a more budgetary design option, then it is recommended to select cheaper finishing materials and furniture attributes, as well as resort to some tricks.

    For example, the design of the room in the style of minimalism, which will save you from using unnecessary accessories, and therefore unnecessary expenses.

    The advantage of living rooms in country houses is that during construction, you can set the required shape and parameters for the room. Everything is much more complicated with the premises in the apartment, since in panel and brick houses it is often forbidden to dismantle the walls in order to increase the space. We'll have to act in other ways and make the hall more spacious due to design tricks.

    You can also consider the option with the construction of a small podium, on which there will be a recreation area or a space for a feast. But in this case, you should make sure that the podium does not take up too much space and does not create obstacles to free movement around the room.

    Ideas and Tips

    Well, so that the interior of your living room attracts attention and surprises your friends, it is recommended to heed some advice and unusual ideas from professionals.

    • To make the room seem brighter and more spacious, you can use a glossy stretch ceiling canvas. It is best to keep it in a neutral white color, as options for other shades may not give this effect.
    • If the space of the room allows, it is recommended to purchase a U-shaped sofa with a decorated back, which may well be located in the center of the room. This model can accommodate a much larger number of people than a simple sofa with additional chairs.
    • Stylish interiors rarely have a monochromatic wall design, most often they are a combination of neutral wallpapers and canvases with interesting ornaments and patterns.
    • To make the room more functional, you can pick up a sofa bed. In this case, guests staying up late can stay overnight and sleep comfortably.
    • If you need to fill up empty space on the walls, it is recommended to use regular or modular paintings with a neutral pattern that will please all your family members. As a rule, such pictures harmoniously fit into the interior and do not get bored for a long time.
    • Also, designers do not recommend choosing textiles for decor with a too bright print, because soon you will want to change it. An excellent choice would be products in neutral colors without a pattern.

    Examples of good design

    The sophisticated style of the living room in gentle pastel colors will appeal to gentle and sensitive natures. A soft comfortable sofa is a kind of delimiter between the relaxation area and the dining space.

    The large U-shaped sofa fits perfectly into the living room interior in muted tones of gray and brown. The composition is complemented by unusual details - an original coffee table and a rocking chair.

    A striking example of the zoning of the kitchen and living space using a plasterboard partition with a built-in TV. The interior is decorated in neutral light colors and complemented by some bright details, which gives it even more originality.

    A beautiful minimalist living room has no unnecessary details and would look slightly empty if it were not for the bright details in the form of cushions and paintings. The large coffee table, located between the two sofas, has a transparent glass surface, making it ideal for this setting.

    For the main secrets of living room design, see below.

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