Styles and models of dresses

Dress styles: from popular to rare

Dress styles: from popular to rare
  1. By silhouette
  2. Fit to the skirt
  3. High-waisted
  4. Top cut
  5. Loose fit
  6. Sundress
  7. National styles
  8. For full
  9. Dress styles for summer
  10. Winter

The dress can be called both the most common and the most beautiful piece of a woman's wardrobe. The variety of styles allows you to choose the right outfit that will suit your figure. Let's take a look at what styles of dresses exist and what characteristic features they have.

By silhouette


Straight dresses are classics of style and you should definitely have one in your wardrobe. It is perfect for celebrations and everyday life.

Straight fit, different lengths, colors, sleeves, neck design - all this is like a designer, from which fashion designers collect excellent models.

Short and medium length sheath dresses can be worn every day, while longer models are preferred for evening outings.

Most models have a zipper on the back, which often serves as a real decoration. Another characteristic nuance for a straight dress is the absence of seams at the waist.

Sheath dress with zipper on the back

The neckline of a sheath dress is most often oval or round, but there are models with a square neckline, and with open shoulders, and with asymmetry, as well as with a non-standard design of the neckline.

Straight dresses make it possible to emphasize a slim figure.

The most popular representative of this style is the famous black dress from Chanel. Nowadays, it is a classic in business wear, as well as the most popular type of cocktail dresses.

Velvet sheath dress

Straight cut dresses are combined with different accessories and color schemes, they are very easy to match to different body types. Regardless of height, the dress fits well on slender girls and women who have a clearly visible waist. If the waist is “hidden”, a straight dress with a thin strap on the belt will easily “find” it.

Gode ​​(mermaid, fish)

The dress of the year originated from the Princess silhouette in the 50s. It fits the figure to the knee, and at its level it expands sharply.

Mermaid dress

Although the cut of the dresses seems to be of the same type - in fact, there are many options for execution.

The only invariable detail of the year dresses is the tight-fitting top, which can be complemented by any element:

  • open shoulders;
  • thin or wide straps;
  • one strap pulled over the neck.

As for the back, this part of the outfit becomes the key detail of the image:

  • Open back;
  • asymmetrical cutouts;
  • various weaves.

The most daring decisions of fashion designers are embodied in the cutouts at the waist.

Mermaid cut-out waist dress

Usually such dresses are sewn without sleeves, but through experiments, fashion creators have created mermaid dresses with long, tight sleeves.

Mermaid dress with sleeves

Dress-year, in their cut, are not suitable for a casual look. They are sewn from expensive fabrics, so they are perfect for special occasions. They are perfect for short girls with an average build, visually making them taller and slimmer.


Dresses of this style are usually long and are characterized by the presence of a tight-fitting, rather narrow bodice and a skirt extended downwards, which reminds of the letter "A".

Retro a-line dress

Thanks to this cut, the products emphasize the waist and add femininity to the figure. Most often, A-line models are presented in retro-style evening and cocktail dresses or wedding dresses.

Designers experimented and proposed high-waisted A-line dresses.

There are no length restrictions. At the same time, the dress can be short in the front and long in the back.

A-line dress short in front long in back

Designers are increasingly adapting the retro style for everyday life. This is expressed in simple materials, calm colors, and prints.


A trapeze dress came to us from the sixties and at the same moment became one of the most beloved for its sophisticated simplicity. Narrowed at the shoulders and widening towards the bottom, it becomes almost weightless and imperceptible on the body.

The style has a similarity to the A-line, only here the waist is not visible.

Dresses of this style are called universal, as they are suitable for both mature ladies and young girls. Most often, the length of the trapeze dress is short.

When making a dress, manufacturers follow the season and pricing policy, as well as the place where you put it on. That is why it is impossible to list all the materials and colors from which trapeze dresses are sewn.

Loose brown dress

As for the cut, there is also plenty to choose from:

  • various designs of sleeves, up to and including their absence;
  • interesting design of the neckline and collar;
  • with and without pockets;
  • decorated with embroidery;
  • printed or plain.

To add splendor, models of such dresses are sewn with multilayer skirts or trimmed with drapery or folds. The top of most A-line dresses is represented by a boat neckline.

Princess Ball Gown

The difference between this dress and other styles is the presence of a beautiful neckline or open back, as well as a long fluffy skirt.

Wedding puffy dress

Such models are especially attractive on tall ladies.

Ball gowns are sewn from expensive fabrics, using attractive and rich trimmings, therefore, most often this style is represented by dresses that are chosen for prom or for a wedding celebration.

Designers are experimenting with both volume, using layering, with different options for the top of the dress, and with a print and even with high cuts.

Evening puffy dress with print

Fit to the skirt

Baby dollar

A dress of this style is more often chosen by young women, as well as young girls. This style of dress combines elements of childhood and femininity.

The outfit is distinguished by a short skirt, a loose fit and often a high waist. He has a short sleeve or no sleeves.

Babydoll Dress

Babydoll dresses are sewn from light airy fabrics, often trimming them with lace. The skirt of most models of this style is lush, with many frills and ruffles. Very often, the babydoll outfit is chosen as a prom dress.


In such a dress, the bottom is more voluminous and looks like it is inflated, which is the reason for the name of the style. Such a cut allows you to hide such figure flaws as a bulging belly and full hips. Also, this dress suits very skinny girls well.

Ballon wedding dress

Usually the lining of the balloon dress is shortened to create the shape. There are also variations in which the lower part protrudes (it is gathered in folds and trimmed with embroidery or a pattern).

You can wear a balloon dress every day (if the model is made of knitwear) or choose such a style for a holiday (for example, a bright chiffon dress).


The fashionista borrowed this style from ballet. A feature of tutu dresses is the combination of a tight-fitting top with a short voluminous skirt, for which 6 to 15 layers of airy fabric, for example, tulle, are used.

Tutu dress

Thanks to a fluffy skirt in a tutu dress, you can hide voluminous hips, but due to its short length, such an outfit should only be worn by owners of slender legs.

Although a tutu dress began to be worn back in the 80s of the last century, today such an outfit remains a curiosity, albeit not defiant. This dress is most often chosen for a party or wedding.


Dresses of this type are flared from the waist, so their use helps to hide voluminous hips, but at the same time it is able to emphasize the bust. Often they are supplemented with a belt to further emphasize the waistline.

Flared dress with belt

Most often, dresses of this style are presented with light summer models, which can be either monochromatic or with different prints.


This dress looks youthful and daring. Its main feature is the absence of a skirt - it is replaced by wide trousers or shorts. For sewing a dress of this style, denim or jersey is traditionally used. The advantage of a culotte dress is the ability with its help to hide the fullness of the hips and emphasize the waist.

Lace culotte dress

Since this model of dress is more often chosen by young girls, the colors of culottes are usually bright and expressive. An outfit can be a good option for a summer walk, and if you choose a piece with a discreet color, it will make a great work suit.


Empire style

The main feature of this style is that the waistline is raised, thereby emphasizing the bust, and hiding figure flaws below the chest. The length of a dress of this type can be very different, and fabrics for its sewing use mainly flowing ones.

Made in different lengths, trimmed with stones, ribbons or rhinestones, they are suitable for going to the store and around the aisle.


If you want to charm your man or attract the attention of others, your choice should be a dress in the Greek style.

Lightweight and weightless fabrics are selected by manufacturers for these dresses so that you look like a goddess who has just descended from the heights of Olympus.

Greek dress

The Greek dress in its cut has both a high waist and a low waist. Combines with sleeves, different lengths, and flowing folds of airy fabric. Such dresses are suitable for absolutely everyone, you just have to choose your model, of which there are countless numbers on the market.

In such a dress, you can appear anywhere and even go down the aisle.

Combine them with light sandals with heels, platform or without, with clutches on a long chain or without it.

Of the jewelry, thin bracelets made of precious metals or made under them are best suited; you can also combine a Greek dress with a wide ring bracelet, various earrings and a small number of rings.

You can tuck a flower into your hair, add a small tiara or a metal hairpin with stones.


The name of this style is associated with the English word "smock", which means to decorate a dress with frills. And therefore, the main feature of such outfits is the lush ruffles. In addition, a smok dress usually has a high waist and a loose bottom.

Cocktail dress smok

Most of these outfits are above the knee length. Many of them don't have sleeves or shoulder straps.

Since the cut of the smok dress is loose, it is perfect for girls with a body. Such a model would be a good option for a cocktail dress, and also comfortable for pregnant women.

Top cut

Wrap dress

This style is distinguished by the presence of a V-shaped cut, formed due to the plowing of one shelf onto another, and numerous folds. This dress is recommended for girls with an expressive figure, as it helps to emphasize the hips and waist, and especially the chest.

Wrap dress

The first wrap dresses were made from cotton fabric with a floral pattern. American women liked them because they were versatile and simple. Now, for the manufacture of models of this style, different materials are used with many color options.

The length of the wrap dress is very different. Choosing the right variation, you get an outfit for a date or a celebration, or a casual model for the office.

With an American armhole

The tops of dresses of this style are similar to the top, they clasp the woman's neck. Such American dresses look very feminine, therefore, they are more often represented by evening dresses. They are more suitable for short girls who have a thin waist.

Dress shirt

In this style, women's fashion is combined with men's, since the outfit is represented by a shirt at the top, and a fluffy skirt at the bottom. Dress-shirts became especially widespread after the 60s of the last century. If earlier such a dress always had a collar, it may not be present in modern models.

A-line shirt dress

The shirt dress can also be straight and slightly fitted. Many models have a belt.

The main advantages of the style are practicality and comfort.


The highlight of these dresses is the disproportionate length of the hem or shoulder line.

Most often, in an asymmetrical dress, the front of the skirt is shortened, and the back, on the contrary, is lengthened. In addition, in many models, the bottom of the dress is elongated along one side.

Polo dress

Such a sports dress appeared in Great Britain at the end of the 20th century on the basis of a polo shirt. Cotton and knitwear are used to sew this dress.

The upper part of the model looks like a T-shirt, and the length of the outfit is usually medium or mini (maxi is much less common).

Polo dress pink

The main characteristics of a polo dress are the presence of a stand-up collar, patch pockets and buttons at the top of the product.

This style of dress suits any woman, but looks most attractive on fit sports girls. Dark models, complemented by a belt, look especially feminine.

Most often, such dresses are bought for relaxation, walking or sports, but in a modest model of medium length, it is permissible to go to work in the office.

Midi polo dress


This is the name for smart and elegant dresses, the appearance of which was influenced by the culture and fashion of China. They are form-fitting models with a vertical collar, diagonal wrap and small slits on the sides.

Most often, bright silk is used for their sewing, on which a floral pattern can be depicted.

The cheongsam dress is recommended for fragile and petite young ladies who want to emphasize their graceful forms. It can be both long and short, and is presented in an evening, everyday version.

Cheongsam dress modern

Loose fit

Bag dress

The features of the outfits of this style are a loose fit and an absent waist, which makes the dress look like a bag.


Models of dresses of this style are distinguished by knee-length and simple lines. They usually have a tiny sleeve or none at all, but may have a collar.

Shift dress

The shift dress is suitable for any figure. Its name means "shift" in translation, since such an outfit became popular in the 50s of the last century.

Modern shift dresses are most often sewn from wool or knitwear, so they are most in demand as everyday wear.


The outfits of this style are represented by short dresses with a loose fit and flared sleeves.

Since the tunic dress is not tight-fitting, it is suitable for women with a wide variety of body types. The style is sewn mainly from light materials.

Tunic dress

Its popularity is due to its versatility. You can wear trousers with such a dress and get a good business ensemble. It is pleasant to be in a light chiffon tunic in the summer, and in a bright and elegant dress of this style you can go to a party.


Dresses of this style are light and comfortable. Most often, they lack sleeves (most sundresses have shoulder straps), and thanks to the free cut, such outfits will suit girls with any figure.

Sundress from Ellie Saab

Modern sundresses are sewn from different types of fabric, but cotton is more often used for summer ones, and winter models are represented by knitted products. The straps are of different thicknesses, can be tied, fastened, finished with bows.

The sundress is a very popular everyday dress and is also often worn by pregnant women.

National styles


Dresses of this style are an adaptation of the national costume of Japanese women. They are in demand due to their comfortable cut, the use of natural soft fabric (often silk), loose one-piece sleeves, bright colors.

Kimono dress

The kimono dress has no buttons, as the outfit is wrapped. Such outfits can serve as both comfortable clothes for every day, and as a dress "on the way out".


This style of dress was borrowed from the clothing of the same name of the Indians. In the original, it is a piece of fabric that was wrapped around the body in a special way.

Thanks to the free cut, the dress turns out to be universal and suitable for women of any age and with any figure.

Saree dress

Modern saree dresses are presented in stylized chiffon or silk outfits, similar to the original saree only in juicy colors and the presence of embroidery. These dresses are not suitable for business women, but they will be a good choice for walking and relaxation.


This dress appeared thanks to the national costumes of Indonesians, Asians and inhabitants of Oceania.

The first sarong dresses were created as beach outfits that were tied above the breasts and dropped down to the ankles. That is why this style is most appropriate in hot summer weather.

For full

It is a hassle for girls “in the body” to choose the perfect outfit for themselves, because most of the models are designed for thin ones. That is why designers produce whole series of dresses for the full.

We advise you to choose A-line or A-line dresses, you can also choose models in the Empire style. Fitted at the chest and freely flowing, such dresses will hide flaws and emphasize dignity. Mini length models will not suit you.

For a full, but fit girl, dresses "on a figure" are suitable, but not tight.

Sheath dress for overweight

Depending on the case, choose your outfit not only by style, but also by color. In most cases, the dress should be monochromatic, preferably in classic tones. But you can experiment and choose the color for your type.

Choose handbags of medium and small sizes to match the overall look. As for shoes, massive models are undesirable, but too light ones are also inappropriate. The "golden mean" is best suited - shoes or sandals with heels or a platform of medium length.

Jewelry of small size, neat and graceful will well complement the overall look. You can decorate your neck with a light scarf or satin shawl.

Dress styles for summer

In the summer, every girl wants to look even more attractive and she manages to do this with the help of a well-chosen outfit.

In the summer, you can wear a dress of any style: Greek, Empire, year, A-line, fluffy, shirt dress, slip, retro, bustier, and even sportswear. It all depends on the occasion and the situation for which the outfit is selected.

Choose the color, length and style according to your figure, complement the image with accessories - and you will create a real sensation. Glasses, handbags, shoes and jewelry can be very diverse.

Accessories for a summer dress


You always need to look good, even in the coldest season. Knitted dresses of different styles, lengths and colors are most often popular in winter. They are combined with a variety of handbags and boots, turtlenecks and gloves are added. Tunic dresses can be worn under jeans or plain leggings.

Winter dresses made of dense fabrics also come in different cuts:

  • with and without sleeves;
  • tunic dresses;
  • vest dresses;
  • sundresses;
  • A-shaped;
  • straight lines.

Shawls, scarves and capes, boots and low shoes, a variety of jewelry, gloves and coats are suitable for these styles. You can also wear plain turtlenecks, warm tights and leggings under them.


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