Styles and models of dresses

Autumn dresses are the most spectacular images for a controversial time of the year

Autumn dresses are the most spectacular images for a controversial time of the year
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Autumn can be severe and sad, playful and frivolous, like a woman in a dress. And in what kind of dress, we have to figure it out.



For fans of long dresses, modern designers have made a real gift - they have created interesting models in a unique design.

Long dress

The combination of maxi length with a neckline, variegated material, light and lace fabrics looks good.

The latest options for long dresses can be paired with warm tops that will keep you warm on an autumn day.

A short

Short dresses look good in any cut. The silhouette of the owner in a straight cut will look lightweight, the legs will acquire an emphasized slenderness, and the proportions of the body will be presented in the correct form.

For autumn, it is worth choosing short gabardine dresses, mainly in bright colors, dense silk material and wool.

In the short version, models with a boat-shaped neck and kimono-style sleeves look good.

Autumn short dress with kimono sleeves

Styles and models


In autumn, sheath dresses are often combined with turtlenecks or even light chiffon blouses, on which a bow will add piquancy to a strict image.

Look for high boots with an autumn dress.


Even in autumn, you can feel like a princess. Lush dresses will help you with this, which retain the lightness of the image and the playfulness of the silhouette. Save this outfit for special occasions.

Lush autumn dress

Loose fit

Loose silhouettes are not used only by lazy designers in their collections.

Their autumn dresses attract with their practicality and versatility, and are surprisingly able to fit into any style.

Tunic dress

Loose, fitted where you need, ideally combined with leggings or tight tights - all this refers to dresses that are sewn like a tunic.


With the onset of autumn, I really don't want to say goodbye to summer styles of dresses. And why not combine a dress with thin straps with a beatle shirt, shirt or tight blouse. Warm, beautiful and original.

Autumn dress sundress

Do you want originality? Then choose high gloves for the sundress that will look good with boots or even high boots.

With sleeve

It is not at all necessary that a dress with sleeves should be warm and strict. Modern designers have learned to play with such outfits in an interesting way, giving them the most different mood.


In the fall, warm days often fall, which make it possible to wear a strict dress made of lightweight fabric. It can be poplin, satin, cotton or satin.

Autumn dress light

Even sleeveless models can be considered. If you are afraid to freeze, then throw a jacket of the same tone as the dress over your shoulders.

Do not limit yourself to neutral colors from a cold range, autumn light dresses in pastel colors will look relevant even in autumn.


Changeable autumn obliges to add warm woolen and cashmere dresses to the wardrobe. Modern designers present a large number of original outfits in which it will be difficult to freeze and remain unnoticed in the crowd.

Autumn velvet dress

Skinny ones can pay attention to shaggy models. Do not cross out tight knitwear, chunky knit maxi dresses and elongated sweaters from your wardrobe.

With fur trim

Everyone, without exception, is delighted with dresses with fur elements. Whether it's pockets, collars or cuffs, these outfits look royally.

Autumn dress with fur

With a neck

For especially cold weather, when you want to surround yourself with warmth, dresses with an interesting neckline are suitable.

Long dresses made as a turtleneck with a knitted collar stand out for their particular practicality. But also short options should not be deprived of attention.


Save knitted dresses for especially cold autumn days. If you choose the right silhouette, then dense knitting with thick threads will not add unnecessary and extremely undesirable volume to the figure.


What could be better in a chilly autumn than to dress your body in a knitted dress. Thick knitwear will look good with medium length in dark and light colors.

For full

Overalls that have no shape should be thrown out of their wardrobe by overweight ladies and replaced with a sheath dress with a wrap, models with a tulip-shaped skirt and A-line outfits. These four types of dresses are worth taking on board and with their help add variety to your fall wardrobe.

Bright dresses and even shiny models should not be ignored.

Autumn dress gray for overweight

For pregnant

For women in an interesting position, fall dresses are salvation, which give comfort, do not restrict movement and increase natural attractiveness. First of all, you need to choose dresses with an A-line silhouette. You can wear leggings under a short dress in cool autumn.

And, of course, the high waist is the main element in the wardrobe of a pregnant woman. You can choose for yourself a knitted dress with a knitted structure, which stretches perfectly and due to this can accompany your mistress even at the very late stages of pregnancy.


When choosing dresses that will be used for everyday wear, it is necessary to focus on simplicity and convenience.

Autumn dress casual

Bright colors will be inappropriate here, decorations will help to place accents, which must be used carefully and do not forget about the sense of proportion.

With the help of simple accessories, you can create different looks from one dress every time.

For office

Autumn dresses, from which the image of a business woman will be formed, often have the usual short sleeves, straight or slightly fitted cut.

A thin strap, classic colors and extremely simple prints - this should be limited to.

Acceptable cut options for an office look are a shirt dress, an A-line, a classic A-line, and wrap options. Of the materials, wool, cotton and knitwear deserve more attention.


In the fall, there are often festive events where it is important to look stunning. Do not be afraid to choose bright colors and bold combinations this fall.

Autumn evening dress

The length of such dresses can be determined independently, focusing only on your preferences. There is no need to doubt the relevance of your outfit - the main thing is that it suits you and gives you comfort.

An autumn dress with a deep and sharp neckline, with a wide belt at the waist will look great on curvy shapes. On an ordinary figure, asymmetrical lines on the hem look unexpectedly beautiful.


A wedding in the fall looks even more beautiful than any other time of the year. The bride's outfit looks especially advantageous against the background of gilded nature.

The main thing for the bride is not to freeze. To do this, you need to choose a dress according to the weather: with long sleeves, maxi or midi length.


Geometric prints are in danger of becoming the trendiest this year.

Newspaper lovers should pay attention to collections from Emilio Pucci and Acne Studios. The list of popular prints also includes abstract art, floral and floral themes.



White autumn dress is born to delight, seduce and make every passer-by turn around.

Autumn dress white


The dress immediately depicts the image of Coco Chanel in the female imagination. Make it a rule for yourself to be always elegant regardless of the weather, the occasion and the mood. And help you in this black dress for autumn.


Vamp color, add burgundy and the color of noble wine here - we get an autumn choice for young ladies who prefer to wear bright images and catch the attention of the world around them.

Autumn dress red


The blue dress looks very unusual in the colors of autumn. Although, when else to experiment, if not in the golden age. Try on all shades of blue until you find your perfect colors.

What to wear with

The fall look requires appropriate footwear (boots, tightly laced, neat ankle boots or high boots). For an autumn dress, even if it will be created in a summer manner, this particular shoe and no other one fits very well.

Do not forget about the most unusual elements that look different: peplum, volumetric elements, scarves, belts and collars. With their help, one dress can look completely different.

Autumn dress with peplum

Autumn requires experimentation, emotional shake-up, new colors and styles. All this is hidden in autumn dresses.

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