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Sari - dress of Hindu goddesses and ordinary Indian women

Sari - dress of Hindu goddesses and ordinary Indian women
  1. A bit of history
  2. Features of Indian clothing
  3. Aishwarya Rai Style
  4. Wedding saree
  5. The most expensive saree in the world
  6. How to put it on?
  7. What to wear with?

On the pages of magazines and sites, you have probably seen more than once Indian beauties in bright outfits trimmed with precious stones and embroidered patterns. The fabric they wear is called a sari.

Indian sari

Sari is the traditional dress of women living in India. Appearing many centuries ago, such an outfit was made from a long piece of canvas in the form of a rectangle. Women wrapped themselves in such a canvas, draping it to emphasize the curves of the figure and hide possible flaws.

Centuries later, sarees are still popular. This is the casual and smart dress of Indian women, as well as the original attire of women in other countries. With the help of a sari, beauties can demonstrate their femininity, grace and grace.

European saree green-beige

The product is a seamless canvas 5-9 meters long and about 1 meter wide. Under it, a woman puts on a skirt, which is slightly shorter than a sari, and a blouse called a choli. The blouse will often match the color of the skirt and saree, although if the saree is solid color, the finish of the blouse may differ.

A bit of history

Many legends are associated with the appearance of the sari in the wardrobe of Indian women. According to one of them, such a dress was created on a magic loom by a weaver who dreamed of an ideal woman. He combined in the canvas all the qualities that should be in such a beauty, having received incredibly beautiful and long clothes.

Woman in sari

Another legend connects the origin of the sari with the Pandava king, who lost his fortune and his own family in gambling. The last loss of the king was his wife. Enemies wanted to get her naked, wanting to disgrace the woman, but could not unwind the clothes.The Pandava consort was protected by Krishna by dressing her in a sari.

Features of Indian clothing

By carefully examining the fabric of a sari, its colors, drapery and ornament, you can learn a lot about the girl you see such a dress on. Sarees are mostly made from silk, chiffon or cotton. The quality of the material indicates the wealth of the wearer of the sari.

The color of the outfit can tell a lot. Widows wear white saris without patterns, young mothers immediately after childbirth wear yellow saris, brides wear green or red saris decorated with gold embroidery. Black robe is worn extremely rarely, considering it unlucky.

Only men are involved in the production of Indian saris. One outfit is produced over a long period of time (about 6 months). A sari cannot be called a cheap outfit, but such a thing serves for a very long period and is often passed on to descendants.

Beautiful saree

At first glance, most sarees are similar to each other, but this is not at all the case. Each outfit is unique, and there are more than a dozen ways to drape them.

Aishwarya Rai Style

The famous Indian actress has repeatedly appeared on the red carpet and other important events in luxurious saris.

Aishwarya Rai beautiful saree

In 2012, the Bollywood star appeared at a charity reception in a designer light saree with gold embroidery, and in 2013, her gold saree at the Cannes Dinner looked amazing. The actress complements this chic outfit with a shiny clutch and gold jewelry.

Although the red color is not very suitable for ceremonial acting events, as it merges with the color of the track, but on Aishwarya Rai, saris in red look amazing. The actress has worn chic sarees of this color on several occasions at film premieres and charity events.

 Aishwarya Rai in Krksnom Sari 2012

In addition, Aishwarya often opts for delicate sheer sarees. In 2006, the actress created a bold look with a green saree with white embroidery. To him, the beauty picked up a clutch-shell and long earrings. In 2011, Aishwarya's outfit was soft pink, and its trim consisted of beads and silvery lace.

Wedding saree

The sarees in which the girl is getting married are very beautiful and sophisticated. Products are decorated with beads, silver or gold embroidery, rhinestones and other attractive decor.

White wedding saree

The choice of fabric, pattern and drapery method is influenced by the region of residence of the bride, the well-being of her family and other nuances. For example, in the northern regions of India, brides dress in a red sari, in the east - in a yellow outfit, in Maharashtra - in a green sari, and in Assam - in a snow-white one.

The most expensive saree in the world

In the Guinness Book of Records in 2008, the most luxurious and expensive sarees were recorded. The product was estimated at 100 thousand dollars (approximately 4 million rupees). 30 weavers took part in the production of such a sari. They handcrafted the outfit for about 7 months, creating a truly incredible outfit.

The most expensive saree in the world

Sarees were embroidered with threads of silver, platinum and gold, and then decorated with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topaz, corals, emeralds and other precious stones.

At the same time, the value of the product lies not only in such a finish, but also in the drawings on the sari. The canvas was decorated with 11 paintings by a famous artist from India. The weight of the most expensive sari was about 8 kilograms.

How to put it on?

  1. With your skirt and blouse on, start tucking the saree into the skirt from the right side of the linen.
  2. Wrap the product from the right side to the left, making one circle. In this case, the bottom of the sari should touch the floor.
  3. Next, start gathering the folds of the saree. Depending on the length of the product, you will get from 5-7 folds or more.
  4. The gathered folds are put together behind the skirt so that they "look" to the left.
  5. Wrap the remaining free part of the canvas around the waist, and throw the end of the product over your shoulder. You can secure it to your shoulder with nice pins.
How to put on a saree

What to wear with?

  • Shoes that are suitable under the sari would be ballet flats or sandals that have a flat sole.
  • For an elegant version of the saree, you can pick up a small clutch bag.
  • A sari is a wonderful combination of various jewelry, for example, bracelets, rings, necklaces, large earrings and other jewelry.

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