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Sundress dresses: current trends

Sundress dresses: current trends
  1. Who is it suitable for?
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The sundress is the most recognizable element of the Russian national costume. Women and girls wore these clothes long before us, and now, after so many years, the sundress is still one of our favorite things in our wardrobe. The characteristic features of the Russian sundress were wide straps and a spacious skirt to the floor. The bodice could be either tight or loose - but always closed.

Russian folk dress-sundress

Modern sundresses have changed significantly and already bear little resemblance to those worn by our ancestors. The skirt can now be of any length, and the straps can be thin or absent altogether. Another significant difference is this: if earlier a sundress was worn exclusively under a shirt, now it is worn mainly on a naked body.

Who is it suitable for?

A sundress is a universal thing that will give soft, feminine forms to any figure. If you notice any imperfections in your body, it will be easy to fix them with the right dress-sundress.

Dress-sundress for slim

For slender girls with a boyish figure, a sundress with a loose skirt and ruffles on the bodice will add volume to the chest and hips. High-waisted sundresses are well suited for both slender and plump young ladies.

Owners of a pronounced waistline, lush chest and hips should pay attention to fitted models. Girls with a pear-shaped figure need to choose sundresses with a voluminous top (for example, with wing sleeves or ruffles on the bodice).


In Russia they only wore long sundresses, because until the last century it was considered indecent to demonstrate legs. In modern fashion, the most closed bottom is compensated by an open top.Maxi sundresses, as a rule, have a top that completely reveals the shoulders.

Long open top sundress

V short sundresses many girls prefer to dress as soon as warm days come. In light dresses that reveal most of the body, it is incredibly comfortable in the heat: they do not hinder movement and allow you to get a beautiful tan.

Shirt cut sundress it reminds us little of the bright summer dress we are used to. It is more of a business style, and many people wear it to work. This style is characterized by the presence of sleeves and a collar. Often such a sundress has a fitted silhouette, so it is worn with a belt.

Shirt dress-sundress

Sundress with a wrap Is a heritage of 60s fashion. Today stylists recommend such models to plump girls, as they perfectly mask the protruding belly and emphasize the lush breasts. That is why wrap-around sundresses are often bought by expectant mothers.


Sundresses are, first of all, clothing for summer, so they are most often made from thin, natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, viscose, calico, chiffon - in clothes made of such materials you will feel comfortable even on the hottest day. Traditionally, fabrics of bright colors are chosen for sundresses. Models with floral and ethnic ornaments are especially popular.

However, sundresses are not only summer, but also designed for the cold season. In this case, they are sewn from denser and warmer fabrics containing wool or synthetic fibers.

Wool dress-sundress in a large green and black check


Linen clothes, which have disappeared from our wardrobes for a long time, are now actively returning to their positions. Having got used to synthetic fabrics, we forgot about how comfortable our body is in things made from natural materials. Linen sundresses are back in fashion thanks to eco-style, a popular design trend based on the use of natural materials.


Denim clothing is an integral part of the casul style. Jeans, denim jackets, overalls and dresses make our life much more comfortable. Denim sundresses are good because they can be worn not only in summer, but also in the cold season - in combination with a shirt or turtleneck. Lightweight sundresses made of thin denim look very cute and romantic.


With the help of a few skeins of yarn, a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook, you can create extraordinarily beautiful, truly unique outfits. One of the most suitable knitting dress patterns is a sundress. It is knitted quite simply and, in addition, a miniature sundress woven from bright threads looks very impressive.

Popular colors

For the summer, girls choose dresses of mostly bright colors. Indeed, during the long autumn-winter season, we are so tired of strict dark shades! When the skin gets a little tan, be sure to wear light-colored sundresses that set off the tan - white, lemon, pale lilac. However, dresses of rich shades - yellow, crimson, turquoise, emerald - look no less beautiful on dark skin.

Sundresses do not have to be monochromatic: feel free to choose models with a bright print, for example, animal or abstract geometric patterns. Popular today, the so-called "gradient" color: when one color smoothly passes into another.

Features of choice for obese women

As we wrote above, a sundress dress is great for girls with curvaceous shapes. Thanks to the free cut, it perfectly masks all problem areas, focusing on the merits of the figure. If you have massive shoulders, try not to wear dresses with puffy sleeves - "wings" and "flashlights". If you have a tummy, sundresses with a high waistline or with a wrap will look best. Plump legs are perfectly hidden by a spacious skirt to the floor.

Not only the style of the dress-sundress, but also its colors will help to visually correct the figure. When choosing a model with a pattern, avoid too small patterns and horizontal stripes.

Plaid dress-sundress for obese women

What to wear with?


A sundress, depending on its model, goes well with different things. Summer sundresses can be worn with a denim jacket or shirt, as well as with an openwork bolero or a thin jacket. Office sundresses are worn with a shirt, blouse or turtleneck. 90s style denim sundresses with shoulder straps can be worn over a T-shirt.


Different shoes are suitable for a sundress - modern girls wear it even with sneakers. A more traditional option is sandals or sandals. Clogs and slates are also suitable (the latter are still recommended to be worn only on the beach). In the cool season, a sundress can be worn with office shoes, shoes or boots.


The dress is very feminine and a little frivolous, so it needs appropriate accessories. Small, bright handbags or roomy wicker bags will suit this romantic dress. It goes well with straw hats and original headbands. Wooden or plastic tiered beads and bracelets will be very appropriate, as well as large earrings.


  • Give preference to sundresses made from natural fabrics. They look much better than artificial ones and, moreover, allow you not to experience discomfort in the heat.
  • Choose a dress-sundress, based on the type of your figure. All flaws should be hidden or well disguised, and all advantages should be emphasized.
  • Pay attention not only to the style of the dress, but also to the color performance. A simple sundress of an unusual color that favorably sets off your appearance will look much better than the most elegant dress of an unfortunate color.
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