Styles and models of dresses

Fitted dresses - grace and elegance

Fitted dresses - grace and elegance
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In the wardrobe of every girl there is a fitted dress that she wears with pleasure - after all, such an outfit fits like a glove. It is about these dresses that we will be talking about today.

Fitted dress pink

Who are suitable

Fitted dresses are suitable for almost everyone. The main thing is to choose a style according to your figure:

  1. If you have wide shoulders, a dress with a fluffy skirt and a fitted top will do; this outfit will also hide wide hips.
  2. Beautiful legs will present in all their glory short fitted models.
  3. A sheath dress will help hide imperfections in the abdomen.
  4. The asymmetrical bodice in the dress will add an extra couple of centimeters to your height.



A long dress for a figure is most often used as an evening dress.

The fitted bodice and soft folds of fabrics will add femininity and romance to your look.

A fully fitted dress that hugs your figure, accentuates every curve of your body, revealing your strengths and adding zest to your look.

A short

A more summer and casual option is a short semi-fitted dress. A dress of discreet colors with a fluffy or flared skirt is suitable for every day.

Short color fitted dress

The top can be decorated in different ways: the sleeves are short and three-quarters long, with wide or narrow shoulders, or even without them, with a round, oval, rectangular or v-neck.

As for cocktail dresses, here are the same solutions, but the style may be different.For example, a sheath dress with open shoulders and a cut on the side or in the neckline, decorated with lacing or guipure.

Another option: a Greek-style dress with a thin belt at the waist and a V-neck formed from the criss-cross of the fabric.

Short beige fitted dress

Do not forget about the classics presented to us by the legendary woman Coco Chanel - a little black dress - one of the versatile outfits for business and evening wear.


Medium length dresses are versatile, they can be worn every day, to business meetings, to dinner parties or to youth parties.

Fitted midi dress

The design of the bodice, neckline, sleeves and hem of dresses can be very diverse, so it is worth correlating the model with the setting in which you find yourself in this outfit.

Fashion models and styles

With sleeve

Models of fitted dresses can have a wide variety of sleeve shapes:

  • straight;
  • fitted;
  • flashlight;
  • sleeve "bat";
  • flared.

The length of the sleeve also varies: the sleeve can be short, three-quarters long, or long. The latter are perfect for the cool season or day.

Three-quarter sleeve fitted dress

You can find evening and casual dresses with interesting sleeves to suit your needs.


A fitted dress will perfectly fit slender girls, highlighting every bend of the body and emphasizing all the advantages.

Straight fitted dress with lace

V-neckline will add zest to the image and present the chest in a favorable light. The long sleeve fitting will beautifully frame your arms and will look very graceful.

As for the length, a short dress, as well as a mid-length dress, will show your legs in a seductive light, and if you have chosen a long dress, then the same effect can be achieved with a cut from the middle of the thigh.


Mermaid silhouette dresses are suitable for social events, various celebrations and other evening events. They fit the figure to the knees, making the image graceful, romantic and attractive.

An interesting flare at the bottom will not leave anyone indifferent and will make you the queen of the evening.


Greek dresses and Empire style, fitted at the top and flared at the bottom, with the help of a high waist, will hide imperfections in the abdomen and hide imperfect hips.

The combination of a sun-flared skirt with different options for a fitted top allows you to create interesting models.

With a fluffy skirt

Fitted dresses with a flared skirt and medium length can be presented in the style of dandies and will provide you with a bright and extraordinary look at the party.

Retro fitted dress

And if such an outfit is made in one color, then it is perfect as an evening one.

Long dresses with a fluffy skirt in a princess silhouette always look luxurious and rich: open shoulders and a neckline will add sexuality and liberation to you, but at the same time show your grandeur and restraint.

Lush fitted dress to the floor

Dress shirt

Sporty girls will love a fitted shirt dress that can be worn almost every day.

In addition to the comfortable cut and cut, another advantage of this dress is that it can be worn as a stand-alone outfit, as well as combined with leggings or jeans.


Cut-off at the waist, fitted dress will accentuate your waist and visually make it narrower. A fluffy skirt will hide the hips and emphasize the slenderness of the legs. Perfect for both evening outings and every day.

A two-tone model of a cut-off dress with a high waist, decorated with a flounce is very popular now.

Cut-off evening dress fitted

Knitted and crocheted

Crochet and knitting dresses are perfect for a cool time. Various interesting patterns will highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

The main thing to remember is that such dresses add an extra couple of centimeters to the waist and make you a little wider.

For full

Contrary to all stereotypes, semi-fitted dresses look great on overweight girls, and in combination with wide belts or various boleros, they hide some flaws and make the figure slimmer.

Fitted dress for full

A fitted top will emphasize the beauty of a lush chest, a thin belt will show the presence of a waist, and a long straight skirt, with soft folds, will hide imperfect hips. With the help of boleros and sleeves, you can hide the fullness of the arms, and a wide belt will clearly highlight the waist.


Luxury, wealth and grandeur of your image will be shown by noble lace.Fitted lace dresses and dresses with lace inserts look unusually gentle and elegant.

Lace fitted dress

Lace opens the curtain of secrecy, making your image more mysterious and desirable. A floor-length skirt with lace wedges will make your legs even more slender, and a bodice with lace on a beige background will create a feeling of nudity and attract admiring glances from others.

A short lace dress with a fitted top will help in creating a playful and perky look for a young girl, show the beauty of legs, and a long, tight-fitting sleeve will make your hands more graceful and sophisticated.


A knitted dress will perfectly fit the figure. Without a doubt, it will become one of the most beloved outfits, thanks to the characteristics of the fabric and the well-chosen cut.

Knitted fitted dress

A straight-cut dress will show all your advantages, but it will not be able to hide some flaws. Therefore, this outfit is suitable for girls and women with a flawless figure.

But a dress with a fitted bodice and a fluffy skirt will hide a couple of extra centimeters on the stomach and hips from prying eyes.

A knitted dress to the floor is perfect for special occasions and trips to the theater.

Restraint and elegance - this is what a dress, fitted on top and flowing in soft folds of knitwear, will give you.


A summer version of a fitted dress will be a light colored or bright monochromatic outfit. Dresses with a flared skirt are suitable for going to the cinema, on the beach, in a restaurant and visiting friends, and for going to work - a strict dress-shirt or a dressing gown.

You can go to a disco or a party in a tight-fitting short dress, or in a dress with a short and fluffy skirt. For more formal occasions and events, long straight dresses are suitable.


The most popular style for a wedding is, was and will be the princess style - a fitted dress with or without a corset and a long fluffy skirt.

But for those who don't want to be like everyone else, there are many fitted bridesmaid outfits that don't fit with traditional norms. Nowadays, the Greek style fitted wedding dress is becoming popular, which will help you look divine on the most important day of your life.

If you have voluminous shoulders, a fitted dress with a mid-length fluffy skirt will suit you. The open top will make your shoulders look wider.


Choose an evening dress very carefully. Since a short fitted dress is one of the most popular evening dresses, you should pay attention to the fact that it is not always possible to appear in it at an official reception. Therefore, a long sheath dress will be a worthy replacement for a short dress.

Slim-fit evening dress

As for design solutions and dressing: the dress can be decorated with stones and rhinestones, lace and translucent fabric inserts, cuts and cuts, as well as a variety of sleeve designs, which will most successfully show the advantages of your physique and suit you.

To graduation party

When choosing a dress for prom, you should also pay attention to various models of fitted dresses, which can be worn not only for the evening part of the prom, but also be present in it at the solemn line.

In addition to fitted long dresses, you can opt for a dress in the princess silhouette with a fluffy skirt of medium length and pastel color. Open shoulders can be hidden under a translucent shawl or scarf, and you can also choose a suitable bolero.



The unchanging favorite among the riot of colors is black. Restraint and severity, officialiness and solemnity, tradition and innovation - all this combines an elegant black color.

Outfits of this color will never lose their relevance and recognition. Feel free to combine them with bright lipstick and black shoes, choose a handbag to match and according to the situation.

Black fitted dress with fringe


Noble blue and all its shades are in no way inferior to black in popularity.It is the deep blue color of a business attire or evening dress that will emphasize the beauty of the female body, and focus on the color of the skin.

The color of the sea wave will give your image freshness and lightness, and the dark blue color will emphasize the severity and seriousness of the owner of the dress.


Another classic color of outfits will give you innocence and purity, tenderness and charm. This also includes all the warm shades of beige and milky colors, because they, with a soft glow, create an aura of inviolability and youth around the girl.

Fitted dress white


Bright red is the color of passion and desire, this is what the scarlet outfit emphasizes in your image. But not all shades of red look pretentious and vulgar.

Fitted dress red

Burgundy - the color of maturity and restraint, suitable for older women. And bright and carefree pink - will turn a young girl into a Barbie doll. And at the same time, a delicate pink color will add innocence and virginity to the owner of such an outfit.


Like plain dresses, don't overlook outfits with interesting colors. A fitted dress can mimic leopard skin or be dotted with flowers.

Folk and geometric ornaments are also not neglected. Don't forget about the ever-popular polka dot dress.

What to combine with

We select a strap of a certain width for a dress with sleeves: slim as thin as possible, full - wider. A thin belt in a neutral color is suitable for a strict formal dress.

Narrow belts are also in fashion, which can be used to wrap the waist twice.

The image is complemented by a clutch or bag. Also, don't forget about jewelry. Shoes are chosen depending on the situation.

Among the many dresses, a fitted dress will always be popular - a symbol of femininity, tenderness and beauty. Wear it with pleasure!

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