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Straight silhouette dress - for fans of classics and minimalism

Straight silhouette dress - for fans of classics and minimalism
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The dress, which resembles a rectangle in shape, is one of the most sought-after outfits in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Such dresses are to the liking of both those who love classic clothes and fans of minimalism. But, before you buy such a dress for yourself, you should figure out what attracts outfits of this style, who they go to and what they usually wear.


A straight dress is a versatile piece of women's wardrobe, as it emphasizes the femininity of the figure well and is suitable for any occasion. Such an attractive and elegant model can be purchased instead of the classic sheath dress.

Long white straight dress

A variety of fabrics are used to make straight dresses. For example, for sewing summer models, they choose airy and light materials, for winter outfits - suit fabric, wool, gabardine or knitwear. Chiffon, lace, brocade, satin, silk and similar expensive fabrics are chosen to create evening dresses of this style.

The color variations of straight dresses are also very diverse. Models are decorated with drawings, embroidered elements, sequins, beads, lace inserts and other decor. Straight dresses with animal motifs or floral prints are very popular among summer dresses.

Who is it suitable for?

This style will suit a woman of any height - both tall (in this case, it will emphasize a slender figure) and low (such a dress will visually add a few centimeters). But regarding the type of figure, a straight dress has its own requirements. This type of dress looks best on girls whose figure looks like an hourglass or a rectangle.In the second case, the waist is usually emphasized with a thin strap.

Girls with a figure similar to an inverted triangle, apple or pear should not wear straight-silhouette dresses. This style will further emphasize broad shoulders, full hips or the presence of a belly. If you really want to choose a straight dress, you should look for a model with dark vertical side panels.

Knitted straight-line dress

Styles and models

Traditionally, a dress of this cut has a square or round neck and sleeves of different lengths. At the same time, modern models are more diverse. Knitted straight dresses belong to the sporty style, and the tight-fitting models in muted colors - to the office style. Some straight-cut dresses have an asymmetrical hem or frill trim. Sharp shoulders can be called an interesting variation of the straight dress cut.

With sleeves

Many straight dresses have a sleeve that can be either long or cropped. In this case, the color of the sleeves can be in the tone of the outfit itself or in contrast. Models with one sleeve also look interesting.

Without sleeves

You can find straight dresses with spaghetti straps and one shoulder. In addition, there are trumpet models that do not have shoulder straps. Long straight dresses can also have an American armhole.


Long to the floor

Such straight-cut dresses are most often chosen for a festive event, since this style has the ability to visually stretch the silhouette, adding grace and harmony to a woman.


A knee-length straight dress is often chosen to create a business look. In such an outfit, a woman looks elegant and restrained, so this dress fits well into the dress code. In this case, black, navy blue, brown or gray dresses are most in demand. Decor for such models is used to a minimum, for example, it can only be a white lace collar.


A straight mini dress will be a good choice for an anniversary, party or corporate event. Bright jewelry, a hairpin and a small handbag look good with such a dress.

Does it fit complete?

Girls with very large hips or a large belly are advised to avoid straight dresses. But with a little fullness, such outfits are quite appropriate in a wardrobe, especially if you choose models with a vertical print or with dark-colored inserts on the sides.

Dress with a print of a straight silhouette for the plump

In addition, with the help of color accents, you can divert attention from problem areas, for example, choose a model with bright colors in the chest area or purchase a dress in which color combinations create the effect of a low waist.

What to wear with?

  • By complementing a straight-cut dress with a jacket, you will get a refined and elegant ensemble. Especially often this combination is chosen for models worn in the office.
  • Under a short straight dress, you can wear tight black or nude tights that have no pattern.
  • A good addition to a straight dress is a neckerchief.


It is important to choose accessories for a straight cut dress that will look harmonious in the overall ensemble. The most common options for adornments for such an outfit are dangling earrings and a voluminous necklace. An interesting bright decoration of a straight, modest outfit will be a flower on the shoulder or a massive necklace. If the sleeves of the dress are shortened, a bracelet will be an appropriate decoration.

Decorations for a straight silhouette dress

As for a suitable bag, choose a small clutch for an evening dress with a straight cut, and a suitcase bag to match the product will suit an office-style dress. Also, with a short straight dress, you can wear a rectangular bulk bag.


  • The best shoe option for an evening straight dress is stiletto heels.
  • A strict office dress with a straight cut is worn with pumps.
  • A short straight dress made of dense fabric looks good with high boots that have thick heels or a platform.
  • For a straight dress with a bright print, you can wear sandals or ankle boots.
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