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Flared dresses - for a romantic look

Flared dresses - for a romantic look
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A tight-fitting silhouette is not always appropriate and it suits mainly girls with an ideal figure. If you want to hide some flaws in your figure, look feminine and romantic and feel comfortable, then a flared dress will be the perfect solution.

Yellow flared dress

The world's leading designers are constantly working on such collections, because this option is relevant in our time.

Who is it suitable for?

  • For girls with narrow hips, a flared dress is a real find. The flare creates waves that flow over the figure and adds a little volume to the hips, making the figure more attractive.
  • Holders of the A-type figure should stop at a flared dress with a length below the knee. In this version, the fullness of the hips will be corrected, and the legs are shown in the best light.
  • Women with a T-figure should choose flared dresses made of dense fabrics that keep their shape. The dress will help you visually add volume to the hips and create an hourglass figure.
  • Short girls need to be careful when choosing such a dress, since the style can slightly plump and make the silhouette heavy.
  • Women with a type O figure should not choose dresses with a flare from the waist, since the absence of a waist will only be emphasized. Choose dresses that are flared from the chest.



This style is in great demand among girls who have an imperfect figure, because it distracts attention from problem areas, and also helps to hide the belly.

Blue flared dress with high waist

Models made of expensive materials look very beautiful, they add solemnity, sophistication and charm to the image. You can pin a brooch or trim with ribbons under the chest line, this approach will allow you to pay full attention to the chest area.

Flare from the waist

The flared dress from the waist is a classic that was popular in the 50s and 60s of the last century. The main focus is on the waist. To emphasize it even more, you can additionally use a graceful belt. A dress of this style can have different lengths: below the knee, mini or maxi. Floor-length models are used for retro style.

If you are the owner of a narrow or medium waist and narrow hips, this style is made for you. Thanks to the classic cut, the dress fits the figure.

Navy blue flare dress from the waist

But it's worth remembering that a tight bodice paired with a full skirt can visually make your hips wider. But airy fabric will help to cope with this, it creates a lesser effect of weighting.

Flare from the chest

This style is often used to create an Empire style look. Long dresses to the floor will emphasize the beauty of the arms and shoulders, and models with mini length will draw attention to beautiful and slender legs. To draw attention to the chest, many models feature contrasting color tops.

White dress in the Greek style, flared from the chest

A-line dresses are one of the A-line options. The tight-fitting top of the outfit emphasizes the lush breasts, further from the armpits, the fabric gradually expands downward, so girls can veil all the flaws in the figure. Dresses with a flare from the chest have a loose fit, so they are often sewn from chiffon fabric.

Hip flare

Thanks to this cut, you can emphasize a flat stomach and perfect buttocks, so only girls with an ideal figure can afford this style.

Dress flared from the hip


To create a business style, you can opt for a fitted dress with a flared skirt and closed shoulders. A fitted dress is not recommended for women with an "apple" figure.

This style is perfect for office style or for every day. Fitted dresses made of dense jersey of mini or midi length are very popular. A discreet gray color is suitable for creating a business image, but if you want to look stylish and bright, then the floral print will make a splash.

Black dress flared from the waist


Knitted flared skirt will also help to hide figure flaws, make the silhouette slimmer. Dresses with perforation or guipure with the effect of a knitted thing look original. This model successfully combines comfort and beauty.

White flared knit dress

Knitted flared dress is often purchased for everyday wear in late autumn and winter, because it helps to keep warm on cold days. Knitted dresses are also used for the summer season, they are characterized by softness and look very original. An effective solution is a combination of knitted elements and a canoe dress.

Flared dresses often come with sleeves, the length and style of which can be absolutely anything. Long sleeves made of dense fabric perfectly complement warm winter dresses, while summer models have sleeves made of light materials or none at all.

Flared dress with sleeves

Varieties of flared skirts

The choice of the style of the lower part of the flared dress is quite large: long to the floor, "midi", short and of various shapes. In any case, the flare adds a significant amount of lightness and femininity to the image.

  • Skirts-sun and half-sun, which have the simplest cut, are perfect for girls with a thin waist and lush hips.
  • Skirts with gathering or pleats at the waist are also suitable for slender girls.
  • A-line skirt is versatile, suitable for different body types. Thin girls will give the necessary volume and make her more feminine.And ladies with lush hips should give preference to a skirt that is a little loose in the hips. Matte material with a small pattern will look more advantageous.
  • The “godet” skirt, which is a combination of a pencil skirt and a flared skirt, hugs the hips and has a flared bottom. She always looks seductive at any length. Luxurious option for evening wear.
  • In two-layer dresses, a pencil skirt made from a denser, more conformable fabric can be complemented by a top sheer flared skirt.
  • The variety of flared skirts includes a pleated skirt, a charming bell skirt, flirty flounce and a frill along the bottom of the skirt, which is always relevant in evening and casual dresses.

Flared sleeves

The flared sleeves come in different lengths, depending on the style. They are one of the main parts of the dress.

Long sleeves are usually found in lightweight chiffon dresses and can be made of lace, guipure, or other translucent fabric.

Some designers offer original models of outfits, where the sleeves are asymmetrical: one arm has a sleeve, and the other is completely naked.

One sleeve flared dress

The batwing sleeve is very popular, as it adds airiness and lightness along with it. Another variant of the flared type is the "flutter", which falls down and creates luxurious flounces. Thanks to this, the outfit will look more elegant.

By season


For summer, many girls prefer short dresses, as they allow them to show the beauty of tanned legs. An outfit made of cotton or chintz allows you to perfectly endure the heat. A very popular model is a sundress with an open back with or without straps.

The dress can be decorated with a striped or checked print, but it is worth remembering that classic models are characterized by elegance and simplicity.
Summer striped flared dress


Spring dresses are sewn from thin natural fabrics, and for a cold autumn, dense knitwear will be the best option. It is worth paying attention to the color scheme. You should not use only restrained tones, because bright colors will help decorate a rainy day and cheer you up.


Models for the cold season are usually made from thick knitwear, although knitted outfits can often be found.

In winter, you can wear not only midi-length dresses, but also long ones. Preference should be given to options with long sleeves and without an open neckline. Remember that the dress should be made of natural fabric, because only it will help to keep warm in cold weather.



Maxi length dresses are always popular at special events.

If you want to look luxurious and rich, then you should pay attention to the floor-length flared dress. It will help lengthen the silhouette, highlight the main accents in creating the image and visually correct the figure.


Dresses with a flared midi-length skirt are a great solution for a party or semi-formal event. Satin, chiffon or silk are perfect for this outfit.

Midi length dresses are suitable for everyday life. They help to enhance the beauty of the legs, as well as hide flaws in the figure, so you will feel comfortable.


If you have a black short dress with a wide skirt in your wardrobe, then you can be sure that at any party you will always be in the spotlight. An elegant short dress is perfect for creating an image in a classic style or retro.

For slender girls, a short outfit with a fitted bodice or an open back and a fluffy skirt is suitable.

Flared short dress with open back

What to wear with?

Models of flared dresses are perfectly combined with jackets, boleros, cardigans or jackets. Dresses with long sleeves are great combined with fur vests. A short jacket will perfectly emphasize the beauty of a fitted dress with a flared skirt.When choosing outerwear, it is worth considering the style of the dress and the purpose.

If you want to create a retro look, then the A-line dress can be complemented by an original hairstyle with a bow, shoes with steady heels and a bag of the style of the time.

Belt or belt

A belt, a belt is a popular detail for a flared dress, especially for fitted models. It allows you to emphasize the perfect waist and acts as one of the accents in creating an unrivaled image.


The choice of shoe model largely depends not only on the style of the dress, but also on its length. So, for a short outfit, you can choose stylish sandals or shoes with low heels, although high heels will make your look slimmer.

Flared dress shoes

Often, comfortable sandals or elegant heels are chosen for flared dresses, but you can also wear ballet flats in everyday life.

A bright shawl around the neck, which will bring new colors, will become a stylish addition to the look. If the outfit has a shortened sleeve, then you can wear a blouse or turtleneck under the bottom.

Shawl to the dress


Elegant accessories will help to decorate the image, make it brighter and more elegant, but you should be careful when choosing them, as they differ depending on the style of flared dresses:

  • For a dress that is flared from the shoulder, it is worth choosing jewelry that will help make your silhouette longer. For example, long earrings or a necklace with an interesting longitudinal pendant.
  • The dress, flared from the chest, which is often chosen for creating an Empire style look, can be worn with either a short or a long choker or necklace. Chunky earrings draw attention to the neck. When choosing shoes, you should buy only light and elegant ones. For example, you can wear gold or silver sandals to create a Greek look. Do not forget that short dresses always need elegant shoes, because your legs in a wide outfit will be the center of attention.

The most popular accessories for flared models are scarves or neckerchiefs, but you can replace them with a false collar. Elongated gloves complement the look perfectly.

A real lady, having listened to fashion trends, can choose styles that emphasize her dignity and match her style. And by complementing the look with accessories, you can always demonstrate excellent taste!

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