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Corset dress - for the perfect look

Corset dress - for the perfect look
  1. Peculiarities
  2. A bit of history
  3. Who is it suitable for?
  4. With a fluffy skirt
  5. Lace corset
  6. Transparent corset
  7. Vintage Dresses
  8. Colors
  9. Length
  10. How to lace up a corset?
  11. Fashion trends
  12. What to wear with?
  13. Accessories
  14. Shoes

Every woman's dream of a thin waist is successfully realized with the help of corsets. Dresses, in which the upper part is represented by a corset, add grace and seduction to any female figure.

Sheer corset dress


Modern corset dresses are comfortable and made from soft materials. The corset is top (worn on top) and bottom (located under the layers of fabric). Most often, a corset can be seen in evening dresses, but there are also models of casual outfits with corsets.

Corsets differ in shape, presence of bones, as well as their location. This allows you to create many options for a corset dress.

Dresses with this element come in different lengths - with a mini skirt and long to the floor. You can find a suitable model of a dress with a corset for any occasion and for any type of figure.

Short dress with corset and train

A bit of history

The first "corsets" appeared in the wardrobe of women in the 12th century. It was a regular lace that could narrow the waist and slightly raise the chest. The corset acquired its usual appearance at the beginning of the 16th century. At first, the frame for the corset was made of metal rods, and later they began to use the whalebone, making the product more gentle for the female body.

In the 18th century, corset dresses were distinguished by their splendor (their skirts were on hoops), and in the 20th century the corset itself became lower (stockings began to be attached to it).

Corsets are less common these days as women like more comfortable clothes. However, the scope of application of the corset has become much wider.

Dress with a corset fashionable

Who is it suitable for?

A dress with a corset will suit a girl with any physique.There are models with low and high waistlines. Such a corset will help in correcting the silhouette. A real find is a dress with a corset for girls with a curvy figure.

The main advantages of having a corset in a dress:

  • Helps to accentuate a thin waist.
  • Raises the bust.
  • Helps to hide excess volume.
  • Improves posture.
  • Makes the girl more self-confident.

With a fluffy skirt

Models of corset dresses with a flared skirt are very common as dresses for special occasions. They are presented in a wide range and are made from different fabrics.

A dress like this would be a good choice for a prom. Especially attractive are outfits in which the skirt is layered.

Dress with a short full skirt and corset

Lace corset

Wearing a dress with a lace corset, a girl can visually make her bust more voluminous. Such dress models are chosen by women with small breasts. Such corsets are often decorated with beads.

Lace dresses with a corset deserve special attention. They are incredibly feminine and attractive.

Transparent corset

Models of corset dresses, in which the corset is transparent, have now become very popular. When decorated with decor, they do not look vulgar, but on the contrary, they are very seductive and beautiful.

Sheer corset dress

However, such dresses should only be worn by beauties who can boast of perfect shapes.

Vintage Dresses

Corset dresses worn by women centuries ago are adorable but not very comfortable. They are distinguished by a graceful waist, the presence of lace, an abundance of petticoats, expensive gold trim and other details. Thanks to such attributes, vintage dresses look elegant, luxurious and festive.

Vintage dress with corset

These days, such dresses are worn mainly for filming films and participating in themed events.



These dresses, complemented by a corset, are a good choice for a celebration or going out. A black outfit with a corset not only slims, but also allows you to choose a wide variety of accessories for it.

A black leather dress with a corset is a popular seduction tool.


It is a white dress that immediately comes to mind when they talk about a model with a corset. This outfit looks the most solemn and sophisticated.

White corset dresses are presented not only by wedding models.

White dress with corset


A dress with a red corset is chosen by passionate and courageous women, because all the attention at a festive event will be attracted by just such an outfit.


All corset dresses, depending on their length, are divided into the following types:

  1. Long. This is a classic version of corset dresses worn by celebrities, brides and graduates. Such dresses are sewn from chiffon, satin, silk and other beautiful fabrics.
  2. Middle length. These dresses often have a tight-fitting silhouette, so they look modest and restrained. They are complemented with a jacket or shawl, shoes with low heels and discreet accessories.
  3. Short. The skirt in such corset dresses can be fluffy or tight-fitting. You can go on a date or a fashionable party in a similar outfit. Be sure to wear high-heeled shoes and colorful accessories to it.

How to lace up a corset?

To make the bust look seductive and voluminous, it is important to properly tighten the bodice. You can start lacing the garment from either side, but lacing at the top is more common and is considered a classic. After passing the lace through the top holes, lace the corset crosswise, then start pulling the lace from top to bottom. At the end of the lacing, be sure to make a knot on the silk lace, which will prevent it from "sliding".

Read more in the article, how to lace up a wedding corset and watch in the video of Tatiana Kozorovitskaya - the author of the Academy of the corset.

Fashion trends

At almost every fashion show, you can see outfits with corsets.Among short dresses, products with a tight-fitting top and a short and fluffy skirt (tutu skirt) are also very popular.

Short dress with tulle corset

Models in which the waistline is lowered are especially popular now. They are chosen by girls whose figure resembles an hourglass. Models with a high waistline do not lose popularity either.

Among summer outfits, short dresses with thin spaghetti straps made of airy fabrics are in great demand. Asymmetrical models with a corset made in pastel colors are very attractive.

Corset outfits are unusually fashionable, in which the skirt is short, but decorated with a train of different lengths. This dress looks especially feminine.

Fashionable short dress with corset and train

Among the long corset models, a dress with a pleated skirt is gaining popularity these days. Satin and chiffon products are also in demand, since the softness and lightness of such fabrics helps to make the figure more expressive.

Beautiful long dress with a corset

Rhinestones, stones, lace, leather inserts and embroidery are used in the decor of long dresses with a corset. Among the styles of skirts in long corset outfits, one can also distinguish pencil and tulip cut, as well as asymmetric skirts.

What to wear with?

  • A corset dress with a bright multicolor trim is worn with monochromatic things.
  • A clutch bag to match or a small bag on a chain or a long thin strap is selected for a dress of this style. Bulky bags will be a bad option.

A bolero will be an excellent addition to the outfit.

In cool weather, this dress can be worn with a cardigan.

Cardigan for a dress with a corset


If the selected dress with a corset is distinguished by a bright print or rich decor, jewelry with such an outfit is used to a minimum. One bracelet, a pair of earrings and an elegant necklace are enough, and the look will be complete.

Salma Hayek Corset Dress

You can add more embellishments to a monochrome dress. Evening dresses are best combined with pearls or precious metals.


The best choice of shoes for a corset outfit would be shoes or sandals with wedges or stilettos. Thin high heels are indispensable if you want to create a romantic look.


She adopted a couple of sexy dresses) An evening dress with a corset is, of course, beautiful, but uncomfortable. But for a special occasion, you can endure a couple of hours)

Come on, don't tighten the corset too much - and everything will be comfortable.

How poor women used to pull themselves in corsets ... it's just a nightmare. Even the internal organs were deformed due to lack of space. So, dear girls, be careful and do not wear corset dresses too often.


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