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What to wear with a long dress?

What to wear with a long dress?
  1. What shoes to wear
  2. What outerwear to wear
  3. Choice of accessories
  4. What to wear with in winter
  5. What to wear in autumn
  6. What to wear in summer
  7. What to wear in spring

Long dresses suit almost everyone, the main thing is to choose a style that suits your body type. It will make you visually slimmer and taller, lengthen your silhouette, and help you stand out in the crowd. If you have already found your long dress, it is important for you to learn how to wear it correctly and know what to combine with. Then you will definitely be the most irresistible!

Long dress bag

What shoes to wear

Perhaps you have been in a situation where the wrong shoes could ruin the whole carefully chosen look. To avoid such a situation, you need to carefully consider the choice. Depending on the time of year, it is huge!

The ballet flats are comfortable and comfortable, they are great for spring and summer walks. You can choose a model to match the dress or play with contrast.

Shoes for a long dress

Sandals are popular in summer. Best of all, if it is a model in ethnic style, decorated with various straps.

When choosing sandals or shoes with heels, keep in mind that if the dress is very long, so that the shoes are hidden under the hem, you may be injured by catching the heel on the bottom of the dress. This image requires composure and accuracy.

If you like a platform, choose an elegant model of sandals or shoes that will not weigh down the image.

Platform shoes for a long dress

A properly selected model of ankle boots will make your look stylish and sophisticated. The dress should end at the ankle to showcase the shoe in all its glory.

For a grunge look, choose chunky biker or rocker boots with laces, chains and studs. You can play with contrast by wearing it with a nude lingerie-style dress.

Rocker boots for a long dress

What outerwear to wear

You can wear a long dress at any time of the year, if you choose the right outerwear. It's easy to experiment with models.

Short jacket or blazer. Choose a jacket made of dense textured fabric: tweed, drape, wool. It can be complemented with a fur collar or boa to keep you warm. A jacket made of light natural fabric is an ideal summer option.

Coat. If you are short, choose a cropped model. Mid-thigh cut is suitable for tall girls. The coat should be of a classic cut, with an even or fitted silhouette.

Leather Jacket. If you have opted for a grunge look, a leather jacket is indispensable.

But you can choose a biker jacket in pastel shades - white, pale blue or pink, and combine it with cute romantic dresses and boots with heels.

Brown leather jacket for a long dress

Cardigan. Ditch a long cardigan in favor of a cropped fitted model. An elongated cardigan with a belt will look good on skinny girls in tandem with a tight-fitting dress.

A fur vest will be a great addition to a dress in the off-season or it can serve as a winter option for an auto lady.

A short fur coat or a fur cape is a great option for going out.

Choice of accessories

Accessories make the look complete and stylish:

  1. Belt. It will help to create an accent in the waist area or to shift accents, emphasizing the figure favorably.
  2. Hat. Since hats are all the rage right now, they are a great addition to your outfit at any time of the year.
  3. A voluminous scarf in winter or a light scarf in the off-season.
  4. Jewelry: jewelry on long thin chains, thin rings on the phalanges, an ethnic style necklace and massive earrings.

What to wear with in winter

A long knitted dress will keep you warm and comfortable even in winter. Pair it with a fur coat or warm wool coat. It can be a cropped model or to the floor, like the dress itself. Fitted fur vests with and without a belt or warm leather jackets are perfect.

As for shoes, in winter it is worth choosing low boots or ankle boots on a massive platform. They will keep you warm, while still allowing you to look stylish and attractive.

Sheepskin coat for a long winter dress

What to wear in autumn

In the off-season, wear a long dress with a leather jacket and your favorite ankle boots. This is a stylish and full-fledged look that does not need any additions. If it's warm outside, you can replace the jacket with a blazer or denim jacket.

A voluminous long sweater over a dress is the right fashionable solution. Girls with a good figure can wear a crop sweater on top, which looks no less stylish.

Sweater for a long autumn dress

What to wear in summer

In summer, wear it with sandals or flat sandals. To go out, you can pick up sandals with high heels.

The more laconic the style of the dress, the more accessories you can afford: belt, fashion jewelry, sunglasses. During the day, choose a bulk bag made of soft leather or textiles, and in the evening, give preference to a clutch or a belt bag, which is incredibly relevant now!

What to wear in spring

In spring, you want freedom and lightness, so a long dress can be safely supplemented with a light cropped trench coat and ankle boots with heels. This is a classic look that will never go out of style.

Jacket and shoes for a long spring dress

For a little bit of rebellion, wear a military jacket and rocker boots. To keep the look interesting, wear them with an airy dress with a floral print.

Remember that a lot depends on the cut and style of the dress. But it is not always necessary to adhere to certain frameworks, a little eclecticism never hurts when creating a stylish, original image. Experiment, mix, create and be always on top!

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