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Dresses with an open back - a seductive and attractive image

Dresses with an open back - a seductive and attractive image
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What dress do you think can make your look alluring, seductive and daring? Maybe with a deep neckline? Or maybe with a cut on the leg? Without a doubt, this is exactly what an open back dress is!

There are various variations of the open back design. We will dwell on them in more detail below.


A long dress with an open back is more suitable for girls of tall stature and with ideal body proportions.

Purple open back dress

Not unimportant is the fact that you must be able to maintain posture and walk in heels. All open back dresses are more suitable for evening events.

The variant of a short dress with an open back is inherent in slender ladies of short stature. He usually has a more modest neckline.

Short models can be worn for any special occasion or feel comfortable in everyday life. For example, on a hot summer day on the beach or on a romantic date.

There is also a version of a dress with a midi length cutout on the back. Such dresses look more restrained, but at the same time no less attractive and feminine.

Open back midi dress

Models and styles

With sleeves

Dress models with sleeves are a very popular option for an outdoor event on a cool day. And even the most revealing cut on the back is compensated by the presence of a sleeve.

Monophonic outfits look as harmonious as possible in such a combination. An example is actress Kate Hudson's bow.

Kate Hudson Open Back Dress


Dresses, in which the neckline and back are open at the same time, are intended for bright, self-confident women who are not afraid to show everything at once.

Basically, the cutout on the back in models of this style is not too deep.

Dress with an open back and neckline

With a slit

It is generally accepted that any cut visually adds harmony to your legs. Dresses with a cut-out back and a slit are very popular among fashionable celebrities.

Open back slit dress

It should be noted that there are nuances when choosing such a dress. For example, a long cut to the thigh will be more relevant for young girls, and an elegant cut to the knee will be more appropriate for women of "Balzac's age".

Short in front long in back

Short in the front, long in the back, the so-called “HighLow” style dresses, are no less popular. An open back and knees will add a touch of seduction and frankness to the image.

Open Back Hi / Lo Dress

Closed at the front

A dress that is completely closed in front, but with an open back will look completely, restrained and mysterious.

Closed back dress

At first glance, this will give your image austerity, but as soon as you turn your back, no one will have any doubts about your seductiveness. This version of the model is ideal for going to a restaurant.


No less popular is the combination of an open back and a fluffy skirt in a dress. And the length of such an outfit does not matter at all. It is very important to find their competent and harmonious combination.


Straight dresses that smoothly repeat the female silhouette can be considered widespread and effective.

They emphasize harmony, visually add growth. They are most often worn for social events.


Ladies in mermaid dresses with a train and a cutout on the back can look incredibly elegant. They are very popular in evening and wedding fashion.


A-line dresses have been giving girls comfort and convenience for many years.

A-line open back dress

A light flowing hem and an open back will perfectly emphasize the grace of its owner. And what is important, such dresses are also suitable for owners of magnificent forms.

With a train

Dresses with a train and an open back are always delightful, even if they are made in a minimalist style. Their solemn appearance emphasizes the status of the owner of a chic dress.


Lace models of dresses with an open back look gentle and self-sufficient. They can be worn both for social events and in everyday life.

It is only important to choose the right color scheme and cutout size for one occasion or another.


Summertime is a great time to tempt and seduce the stronger sex. Light fabrics, feminine silhouettes, an open back are a heavy weapon of real coquettes.


The appearance in your wardrobe of a dress with a cutout on the back, crocheted will be very advantageous. Your image will be memorable due to its originality and exclusivity.

Open back knit dress


Thin jersey perfectly emphasizes the beautiful figure. A small cutout or imitation of an open back will add a touch of piquancy to the look.

Open back jersey dress

Cutout depth and shapes

The depth of the incision varies within the region of the shoulder blades and coccyx.

The rounded and triangular cutouts below the shoulder blades are very popular, which look great on girls with small shoulders.

Dress with cut below the shoulder blades

For shy women, various variations of romantic curly cutouts in the form of a drop, heart, flower, reaching the middle of the back, are suitable. With regards to length, the dress can be either short or long.

An elongated cut to the waist can be afforded by the owners of the ideal figure and skin.

Dresses with an oval neckline to the tailbone look incredibly sexy.

Dress with tailbone cut

As for the shapes of the cutouts, they are so diverse that you cannot count all of them.

Not a little known and widespread form of a neckline is a racer. In it, the sides, shoulder blades and shoulders are open.

Dress with racer cut

Double cutouts look spectacular.

Neckline decoration

There are also various ways to decorate a bare back.

The most common is the weave of the straps at the back. Their number, thickness and location depend on the imagination of the designers.

The V-neck can often be seen with luxurious embroidery with all kinds of stones, rhinestones and sequins. Various pearls and beads, buttons and interestingly playing satin bows are actively used.

A curly cut to the shoulder blades, which is more common in wedding fashion, is embroidered with lurex, lace and stones.

Backless dress

Fancy cut

When choosing a dress with an open back, you need to take into account some restrictions, for example, the condition of the skin, but this does not apply to a dress with an imitation of bare back.

Patterned back dress

The deep neckline is closed with a flesh-colored fabric or a thin translucent lace insert, on which all kinds of patterns are created.


Any of the fair sex wants to be irresistible at her wedding. Today, many designers offer a variety of cutout back bridal gowns.

You can also choose the depth and shape of the cutout, its finish according to your wishes and taste.

Evening and cocktail

Elegant dresses with a cutout at the back have become a favorite for evening wear. Modest or outrageous - they emphasize the dignity of the figure in the best way, but some nuances should be taken into account.

Backless gown

If the waistline is not clearly marked, then narrow elongated cutouts with lacing or fasteners will mask this flaw.

Evening dress with lace open back

For girls of not tall stature, dresses with an oval neckline and in the form of a triangle, ending behind the line of the shoulder blades, are better not to wear, since they will add unnecessary centimeters, which cannot be said about pointed and elongated ones. These cutout options are also suitable for girls with a short torso, which needs to be lengthened as much as possible.

Tall girls need to look at the small oval, triangular or teardrop necklines on the back.

To graduation party

On their gala evening, graduates wear seductive dresses with a cutout at the back to look more mature, thus emphasizing their readiness for independent living.

Open back prom dress

A long or short prom dress is chosen depending on your preferences and body characteristics. Transparent or shiny fabrics, layering or fitting, and beautiful decorations and decor on the neckline make it unique.



The black dress is a classic. At any event in a black dress with an open back, you will look perfect.


A red dress with an open back carries the essence of a self-confident, shocking woman.


The open back trend came from the white dress. It is very important that the fabric looks expensive and of high quality.


A dress with an open back in green will look no less elegant. This can be both evening and everyday options.

Green open back dress


In a pink dress, you will look incredibly romantic and attractive.

Pink open back dress


When choosing a dress with a bare beige back, you should be careful. You run the risk of giving the impression that you came to the event in the "nude".

Beige open back dress

What to wear with


When choosing accessories for such dresses, you should not forget about the main accent - the naked back. Minimalism and nothing more!

You should not wear any bright bulky jewelry. Neat earrings, a thin chain bracelet and a pendant on a chain will complete your look.


Even if you are rightfully considered the owner of ideal forms, you should not neglect the selection of the right underwear for the appearance in such a dress.

All kinds of strapless bras and a supporting fastener in the lumbar region will become indispensable helpers.

If your neckline is very revealing, then you will need a silicone strapless bra.And if the choice fell on a dress with a strap around the neck, then you can pick up a bra that fastens at the back and neck.

Backless Silicone Bra


For a laconic completion of the image, you need to make the right hairstyle. Remember, your open back will be the highlight, and everything else should only emphasize your consistency.

The most correct way would be to pick your hair up, and if you don't have long hair, then a smooth styling will look more harmonious.

The popularity of dresses with a cut-out at the back is unchanged and the variety of their styles will allow you to choose exactly the dress in which you will be dazzling, unforgettable, feminine and sexy, perfect.

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