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Shirt dress - from brutal to elegant look

Shirt dress - from brutal to elegant look
  1. Who is it for?
  2. A bit of history
  3. Peculiarities
  4. Evening
  5. Home
  6. Denim
  7. Fitted
  8. Business style
  9. Free
  10. Safari dress
  11. Popular colors
  12. Stylish prints
  13. Length
  14. Fashion trends
  15. What to wear with?
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  17. Shoes

The high popularity of such versatile and comfortable outfits as a shirt dress has been celebrated for more than a year. Dresses of this style can be seen in the wardrobe of many fashionistas.

Who is it for?

Although this style of dresses is considered universal, the nuances of your figure should be taken into account when choosing an outfit.

If the girl is thin, and her figure looks like a rectangle, it is recommended to choose a straight shirt dress, which will be made of light fabric, have a midi length and a light shade.

Light safari shirt dress

Girls with a feminine hourglass figure can wear both loose and fitted shirt dresses of any length. If the figure is disproportionate (the upper or lower part is complete), you should stop your choice on a spacious dress model without a pattern and without a belt.

The shirt dress is often purchased and worn by women who like conservative and simple yet elegant clothing. This is a popular style among fans of minimalism and girls who want to wear cozy and elegant dresses at the same time.

Khaki short shirt dress

A bit of history

This style of dresses was invented by the famous Coco Chanel in the 20th century, when the legendary designer decided to borrow a comfortable shirt from men and adapt it to a female figure.

The appearance of the shirt dress in women's wardrobe made a splash in women's fashion. Since then, this style has been in demand by women, although it periodically changes and adapts according to the trends of the time.

Coco Chanel shirt dress

In the 50s, this dress was modified by Christian Dior, appearing in his new collections.In the 60s, the popularity of this style increased significantly both in the USSR and abroad. Shirt dresses are increasingly appearing on magazine covers and on catwalks. In the 80s, the model came to the liking of Yves Saint Laurent, who was promoting the safari style at that time.


A dress-shirt is called a dress with a predominantly straight cut, in which there is no pronounced waist, but a collar and sleeves are often present.

For most models, collars are presented in a stand-up or turn-down option. The sleeve can be set-in and supplemented with cuffs, but it can also be absent. There is usually a fold along the back of a shirt dress, and if the product is a little fitted, folds are also present in the front.

Black Swing Shirt Dress

Almost all shirt dresses are buttoned, like men's shirts. In this case, the buttons are located openly or hidden under the bar. For sewing dresses of this style, mainly natural fabric is used - linen, wool, jeans, corduroy, cotton and others. Most of the dresses have a solid color, but there are also models with ornaments and embroidery on the hem, cuffs or collar.


A short silk shirt dress is a great choice for a party. High-heeled shoes and an interesting clutch are matched to this.

Silk shirt dress

You can also create a look suitable for a date or a party based on a casual shirt dress by choosing bright shoes, a handbag and a belt.

Shirt dress with clutch

The color of the dress can also act as an accent for an evening bow. To do this, select a model with a saturated shade, adding jewelry in a contrasting suitable color, and an unforgettable look is guaranteed.

An interesting evening option would also be a black shirt dress to the floor. Put on high heels for him, do the festive styling and pick up a small handbag. Leave a few buttons open at the top and bottom.

Long black shirt dress with stiletto sandals


An outfit of this style is ideal as a dress that is worn at home. Home shirt dress is sewn from soft and comfortable fabrics. They accentuate femininity and are much better suited as daily home wear than bathrobes.


A shirt dress made from denim is very popular these days for its successful silhouette and practical use. Models made of thin jeans are characterized by a loose fit and medium length. In such dresses, the material drapes perfectly and emphasizes the figure.

Denim shirt dress

The outfit is both comfortable and stylish. It is complemented by a belt, a bulky leather bag, large accessories and flat-soled shoes.

A denim shirt dress makes a great base for your everyday wardrobe. By choosing different accessories for it, you can create the desired style (for example, urban or ethnic) in order to get practical and original bows for every day.

Denim shirt dress with a shoulder bag in combination with a hat and slippers in red

Denim models, which can be called strict classics, are no less attractive. They are distinguished by a turn-down collar, a through strap, and the presence of pockets. To create a retro look, you can choose an indigo shade with embroidery, complementing such a dress with platform shoes, a soft bag and large glasses.


These shirt dress models are distinguished by emphasized cut details, thanks to which their use helps in demonstrating the advantages of a slim figure.

Fitted shirt dresses have darts, due to which the products fit exactly at the waist. Most often, these models are knee-length.

Business style

Since the shirt dress has a characteristic collar, this outfit is quite appropriate as a business dress. Especially if you choose a product in a discreet color and without additional finishing. A business shirt dress is predominantly of medium length, as well as a closed top. It is combined with a leather bag and a stylish leather belt.


The shirt dress can be wide, visually several sizes larger than the girl wears.

Oversized satin shirt dress

These flowy dresses are very popular, as they look feminine and do not resemble shirts for men in any way. They are sewn from chiffon, denim, cambric, fine wool and other fabrics.

Safari dress

This is the name of one of the varieties of shirt dress, a characteristic feature of which is the abundance of pockets and fasteners. In such a dress, pockets can be located both on the top and on the skirt.

Safari shirt dress

Also, most safari dress models have a fold-over collar, belt and short sleeves. Usually, thick fabric is used for sewing such dresses. The front safari dress is fastened with buttons or zippers along the entire length.

Popular colors


White shirt dresses are among the most common. Such models are bought for everyday summer wardrobe, especially if they are made of chiffon, cambric or silk. In such a dress, you can perfectly shade tanned skin, as well as emphasize the slimness of the figure.

The best color for accessories for a white shirt dress will be beige, black or brown.

Long white shirt dress


In a black shirt dress with a V-neck, you can emphasize the slimness of the figure. Black models can also be used as a base for evening wear. In this case, they are complemented with bright accessories.


Shirt dresses of this color are most often represented by denim models, although there are also products from cotton, chiffon, linen and other fabrics.

Blue shirt dress

The shade of these dresses can be very different - from delicate blue to dark indigo. Blue dresses of this style with striped, check or polka dot prints are very popular.

Black and white

Shirt dresses in black with white trim help to highlight the plusses of the figure and hide possible flaws. It can be a black dress, in which the cuffs and placket are highlighted in white.

Black models with polka dots, small and large checks, as well as small floral patterns or stripes attract attention.

Stylish prints

Along with the very popular monochrome shirt dress models, many women of fashion buy an outfit with prints.

Printed shirt dress

The colors of these dresses are very diverse. You can see shirt dresses with stripes, polka dots, flowers, checks. When choosing a product with a print, it is important to take into account the nuances of the figure. For example, a shirt dress in a large cage or horizontal strip is not recommended for owners of curvy shapes.


Long to the floor

This shirt dress model is a feminine and rather interesting outfit.

Long polka dot shirt dress

The clasps of such a dress can go along the entire length, but there are also products that have buttons only up to the waist, and at the bottom the skirt remains solid. Such a dress will easily hide plump legs.


Models with such a length are in demand among both young ladies and older women. This dress can be worn with a jacket or jacket. The sleeve of a midi shirt dress is both short and long.

Dress shirt midi length

The upper part of the outfit, if desired, can be buttoned tightly or you can leave a few buttons unbuttoned.

A short

A mini shirt dress is worn mainly in the summer, wearing it with flat sandals or high heels.

Short shirt dress with print

A small number of accessories are enough for such a dress, or in general you can do with just a bag. A wide short shirt dress is usually complemented with a belt.

Fashion trends

Nowadays, a shirt dress is present in many contemporary styles - from business to military and romantic. Such clothes are indispensable in a summer wardrobe, allowing you to create a non-trivial everyday look.

The modern trend is the combination of freedom and elegance - and this is what is presented in the shirt dress.

Khaki Casual Shirtdress

Popular models with large pockets on the hips and chest, in which the waistline is emphasized by a wide leather belt or a thin strap.Denim shirt dresses are in high demand, which in modern collections are presented by romantic models with a free cut and strict products with a vintage silhouette.

What to wear with?

  • A shirt dress is often complemented with a belt, making the look more feminine.
  • Dresses of this style are worn on their own, but quite often they wear leggings, leggings or jeans with them.
  • You can choose a light chiffon or silk scarf for a classic shirt dress.
  • The outfit can be complemented by a fur short vest, a roomy bag and large sunglasses.


Elegant accessories, for example, a pendant on a thin chain, a small bag with a thin strap, or thin earrings, will be a good choice for a shirt dress.

Shirt dress accessories

For a vintage look, on the contrary, they use large jewelry - beads, earrings, a bracelet. Brown-colored accessories made of wood or leather are ideal for a white shirt dress.


High-heeled shoes are great for a shirt dress. Depending on the model, these can be sandals or shoes.

Shirt dress with shoes

Also, this style goes well with sandals and ballerinas. Choose shoes with thick heels or platform for a long model of such a dress. Wear platform ankle boots or a steady heel with your shirt dress for a retro look.

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