Styles and models of dresses

Bucket dress - for extravagant women

Bucket dress - for extravagant women
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  2. Types of styles
  3. Who is it for?
  4. What to wear with?
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Despite the fact that trousers and suits have long and firmly settled in our wardrobes, the dress is still the most feminine element of clothing. Only in a dress can a girl feel like a truly graceful and fragile creature. However, classic fluffy or tight-fitting dresses quickly get bored, so designers are always in search of new fashionable solutions.

Light blue linen bag dress

Over the past century, many original styles of dresses have appeared for a variety of occasions. This article is dedicated to one of the most extravagant models - a dress-bag. We will tell you about what it is, who suits it and how to wear it correctly.


The dress-bag has an extremely simple cut: it is a spacious robe, devoid of the lines of the chest, waist and hips. It completely hides the figure from the shoulders to the knees or even below.

Black V-Neck Bucket Dress

While such a bold cut is considered a recent invention, its prototype appeared about 300 years ago. At that time, women began to think that outfits should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, allowing them to move comfortably. It was then that dresses appeared vaguely similar to modern "bags" - with a classic tight bodice and long sleeves, but with a very fluffy and loose skirt.

Pretty soon, the fashion for spacious outfits was forgotten, and the next time a sack dress appeared on the fashion scene after the First World War, when simple and unassuming clothes began to be preferred. However, the real popularity came to this model only in the middle of the last century, when it began to appear in the collections of famous couturiers.

Bag dress 1950 - Givenchy

Today, a sack dress is a casual wear option for girls who lead a dynamic lifestyle.In its modern incarnation, such a dress can be complemented with various details: pockets, sleeves or a collar.

Types of styles

Straight cut bag dress. This is a classic version of this model. Under such a dress, all the curves and bulges of the figure are hidden, so many girls, to create a more feminine image, intercept the outfit at the waist with a belt or strap.

Straight cut bag dress

Cropped bag dress. This is the summer version of this style. In a spacious dress with a mid-thigh skirt, you will be comfortable even on the hottest day. Models for summer are usually sewn from thin, natural fabrics of bright colors - chiffon, chintz, linen, etc.

Short bag dress

Bag dress with pockets. This is not only a comfortable outfit for every day, but a great option for the office. Large patch pockets will add a little mischief to a strict and laconic business dress. Pockets are often made of material that has a contrasting color or texture.

Bucket dress with pockets

Bucket dress with zipper closure. Another variation of this outfit. A zipper on clothes can be not only a functional, but also a decorative element. Dresses with a long fastener on the back look especially impressive: the vertical line visually stretches and narrows the figure.

Bucket dress with back zip

Wrap bag dress. It is a cross between a dress and a robe without a belt. It looks very unusual, but not every girl will dare to wear it, as it can visually deform the proportions of the figure. Quite often, these dresses have wide sleeves.

Wrap bag dress

Who is it for?

The dress-bag is a very specific outfit and, unfortunately, it does not suit everyone. It is believed that only tall, slender girls can afford a dress of this style, since the rectangular shape makes the figure shorter and more voluminous.

In fact, a bag dress can be worn with any height, you just need to choose the right length:

  • Elongated models that cover the knees will suit long-legged young ladies - minus a few centimeters of height does not matter for them.
  • Miniature ladies should pay attention to dresses-bags with a skirt above the knee. Models for the cold season can be worn with tight tights or leggings - so you will not sacrifice either beauty or your own comfort.
  • For slender girls, a dress-bag will not hurt, but will only create the desired volumes in the right places.
  • Puffies in such a dress will also feel confident, as it can hide problem areas. If you are short and full-bodied, a sack dress should be handled with great care. Avoid models with patch pockets, short sleeves, drapes and horizontal patterns. In addition, be sure to wear heels with such an outfit.

What to wear with?

Despite the fact that at first glance, the bag dress seems quite extravagant, it is a truly multifunctional garment, on the basis of which you can form several images in different styles.

Jeans for a long bag dress
  • To create an image in style grunge - a mixture of punk outfits and work uniforms - a bag dress should be combined with heavy lace-up boots and a leather jacket resembling a leather jacket. Decorations with metal spikes and trendy ripped tights will complement the outfit.
  • Style casual implies simplicity, convenience and, at the same time, elegance. A wide checked coat with short sleeves, long gloves, high boots - together with a dress-bag, all this forms a harmonious ensemble, appropriate in any situation.
  • Clothing for sports or active pastime does not have to be a suit of pants, T-shirts and sweatshirts. The dress can also be an element sports clothes, especially if it is a comfortable and spacious bag-dress. Put it on along with leggings and sneakers, complete your look with a sports cap - and go for active rest!
  • In order to turn a dress bag into the basis of a work wardrobe, you need to combine it with classic elements. business style... Tie a corset belt around the dress to shape your waist. Slip on a tapered jacket with cropped sleeves and complement your outfit with classic pumps.


Choosing the right shoes for a bag dress is not a difficult task at all. The choice of a pair depends on the weather outside the window and on the image that you intend to create.

If you are looking for an outfit for cool weather, boots are the best option. Those who boast of a tall stature can safely wear flat boots with a high bootleg. Thumbelina girls are more suitable for shoes with heels.

Bucket dress with boots

For the off-season, lace-up boots are perfect - high, platform or classic lightweight oxfords.

In the warm season, ballet flats, sneakers and moccasins will look great with a bag dress.

Going to the celebration, accompany the look with shoes or heeled sandals. The dress bag goes well with strappy sandals that are tied at the ankle.


  • Handbag. Large bags should not be worn with a sack dress, as it is quite voluminous in itself. Take a closer look at the bags you need to hold in your hands: clutches, envelopes, etc. Also, a small purse-purse on a long chain is suitable for such an outfit.
  • Scarf. A warm chunky knit scarf or an elegant neckerchief (depending on the season) will go well with a bag dress. In the first case, this detail will help balance a too voluminous skirt, and in the second, it will draw attention to the cutout on the chest.
  • Beads. Long beads in one or more rows will be the most suitable decoration for a dress-bag. The vertical direction of the lines will stretch the silhouette. In this case, the length of the beads can be absolutely any - the main thing is that they are shorter than the dress itself.
  • Leggings and knee-highs. These wardrobe details will not only keep your legs warm, but will also help create a fun, flirty look. The mischievous dress bag goes well with bright accessories. You can wear them on tights or directly on your bare legs. Leggings and knee-highs will go well with sneakers or shoes.
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