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Tulip dress - flower inspiration

Tulip dress - flower inspiration
  1. Who is it suitable for?
  2. Cut types
  3. Fabrics
  4. With sleeves
  5. With pockets
  6. Popular colors
  7. Length
  8. Is the style suitable for overweight?
  9. What to wear with?
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Tulip dresses are very popular and attractive. The name of the style is associated with the great similarity of the dress with the tulip flower, which is turned upside down.

Tulip dress style

At the waist, tulip dresses are narrow, in the upper area of ​​the thighs, the skirt of such dresses expands, and narrows to the hem. To add volume to the skirt, it is either gathered in folds at the waist, or supplemented with different elements and inserts.

Evening dress tulip

Dresses of this style can serve as both an everyday outfit and clothing for a celebration. They help hide the fullness of the hips and visually lengthen the legs, as well as emphasize the waist.

Who is it suitable for?

A tulip dress is associated with spring, tenderness and youth, so young girls often choose it. It looks equally good both on a young lady with excessive thinness and on a girl with curvaceous forms.

Without a doubt, the tulip style will look best on women whose figure resembles a rectangle and an hourglass, especially with slender legs.

  • A voluminous skirt helps to harmonize the inverted triangle shape.
  • A girl with a triangle silhouette should choose a model that has voluminous sleeves or has a drapery in the neckline.
  • Fragile girls will look best in a dress that has an open top.
  • If the girl has an "apple" figure, a tulip dress will not be the right choice for her.
Tulip evening dress

Cut types

The most popular neckline found in a tulip dress is the V-neckline. In some models, it is formed due to the presence of odor.Other common cutouts in this style of dress are oval and round. There are also models with a rectangular cut.


Chintz, chiffon, cotton fabric are used for sewing summer models of tulip dresses.

Tulip dress with boat neckline

Casual dresses worn in cool weather use knitwear or wool. If the outfit is intended for a celebration, velvet, brocade, satin, silk and other expensive fabrics are used for its manufacture.

With sleeves

The length of the sleeves in a tulip dress may vary. There are models with both long sleeves and shorter sleeves. In this case, there can be both narrow sleeves and puff sleeves. Dresses of this style with ruffles on the shoulders are very popular.

Long Sleeve Tulip Dress

Products with wide or thin straps are quite in demand. There are also dress models in which the shoulders are completely bare.

With pockets

Some models of tulip dresses have inner side pockets. These elements help to add volume to the hips.

Tulip dress with pockets

Popular colors


A black tulip dress is a good alternative to a black sheath dress. This outfit is strict enough to be worn as office wear.

If rhinestones or sequins are used in the decoration of a black tulip dress, this model can be worn to a club or to a party. The same goes for mini length models.

For those who want to draw attention to a slender waist, you can choose a contrasting belt for the laconic black along with this style. A monochromatic black tulip-style outfit with a bright belt, for example, scarlet or gold, looks beautiful.

Tulip dress with belt


The blue range is presented in tulip dresses in different shades - from pale blue to dark denim and indigo. Navy blue tulip outfits slim and help hide full thighs. The bodice of such dresses is often presented with a V-neckline.

A brown leather strap or a black belt is a good match for a blue tulip dress.

Blue tulip dress


Snow-white tulip dresses look gentle and feminine, so they can serve as a beautiful wedding dress.

Tulip white wedding dress

To exclude the association with wedding dresses, white dresses of this style may contain inserts of other colors, for example, black trim along the hem and neckline. Also, a white tulip dress can be worn with a bright belt.


Pastel shades help to achieve a delicate look. Tulip dresses of this color are often used as everyday clothes, and if you add them with interesting accessories, you get a romantic look. A brown or black belt is best suited to a beige dress of this style.


A bright red tulip dress is worn for a romantic date, prom or other celebration.

Red tulip dress

If this dress has a layered skirt, the model will look airy. A satin red tulip dress with spaghetti straps is a good choice for a party or other important event.


The length of the tulip dress skirt is selected in accordance with the height. The shorter the girl, the shorter the model she can afford. However, this requires an ideal shin shape.

Tulip dress length


Long tulip dresses are usually mid-length. They are represented mainly by evening dresses made of expensive fabrics with beautiful finishes. The most common are black and red and white long dresses of this style.


Outfits with a length slightly below the knee look perfect on tall girls. They are often discreet casual dress options with sleeves of different lengths.


Short tulip dresses are the most common and popular among fashionistas. They are chosen both for daily wear and as an outfit for going out. Note that dresses that are slightly above the knee are best suited for girls with an average height. Also, a dress with a mini tulip skirt should be worn by short ladies.

Is the style suitable for overweight?

A tulip dress looks quite attractive on girls with curvaceous shapes, especially if you wear high-heeled shoes with such an outfit. The best choice for obese women would be a wrap-around model. Also a good option if you are overweight would be a tulip dress with a medium or long sleeve.

What to wear with?

Wear a tulip dress with a short jacket or jacket that doesn't cover your hips.

Short jacket to the tulip dress Kate Middleton

One of the most successful additions is a belt or strap, the color of which will contrast with the tone of the outfit. Its thickness is selected taking into account the girl's waist - the owner of a thin waist can use a wide belt, and if you want to visually make the waist thinner, you should choose a smaller belt.


Elegant earrings, bracelets and thin chains will be suitable adornments for such a style. They can be supplemented with a neckerchief and a bag with a thin belt or a small clutch.

Evening dress tulip with jewelry and clutch


Shoes that have heels are best suited to a tulip-style dress. Moreover, the longer the length of the outfit, the thinner and higher the heel on the shoes should be. For a dress with a medium length made of dense fabric, stiletto boots are a good choice.

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This style adds a lot to the volume. It is better to buy a non-wrinkle fabric, as it wrinkles all the time due to folds.


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