Styles and models of dresses

High-waisted dress will hide flaws

High-waisted dress will hide flaws
  1. Who are they suitable for?
  2. Styles and models
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High-waisted dresses have a very ancient and rich history. Women who lived millennia before us already knew a lot about beauty and seduction, so they knew how to emphasize the beauty of their figure with the help of the right clothes.

From the images that have come down to us, we can conclude that in Ancient Egypt women wore dresses tied under their breasts, which gave this part of the body more seductive shapes.

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, high-waisted dresses were the main type of women's clothing. It was under the influence of ancient culture that European girls began to wear such dresses at the beginning of the 19th century, when the fashion for simple and natural silhouettes replaced corsets and crinolines.

Modern high-waisted dresses are significantly different from those worn in the past. Today we want to tell you about the features of such an outfit, about who it goes to and what is better to wear it with.

Who are they suitable for?

High-waisted dresses have an almost miraculous property of disguising figure flaws, so girls of different builds like them.

High-waisted floral dress

It is believed that such dresses are best suited for very thin or, conversely, rather plump young ladies. In the first case, a silhouette with an offset waistline creates the appearance of volume in the chest and hips. In the second case, the tissue flowing freely from the chest hides the protruding tummy.

A high-waisted dress visually changes the proportions of the figure: it makes the upper part smaller and the lower one larger.Thanks to this, the girl in such a dress seems to be several centimeters taller than she really is.

Styles and models

In the Greek style (Empire)

As a rule, this is a long dress made of light, flowing fabric. It completely covers the legs, but leaves the neckline, arms and shoulders open. At the waist, such a dress can be intercepted with a ribbon, braided strap or chain.


This style gained popularity in the middle of the last century, thanks to the film in which the main character appeared in a simple, short dress that leaves most of the body open.

Blue high waisted babydoll dress

Such a dress should be worn only by happy owners of beautiful, slender legs.


A dress that resembles an inverted triangle is also called a silhouette or A-shaped dress. This is a classic evening dress.

Beautiful high-waisted flared dress

It visually slims and stretches the figure, so this dress is perfect for girls and women with curvaceous forms.

Popular colors

The color of a high-waisted dress should be chosen, first of all, based on the characteristics of your appearance.

High-waisted multi-colored dress

Those who suit cold shades should pay attention to the models of pale lilac, light lemon, dusty pink, mint, gray-blue and other colors of the cold spectrum. If a warm color scheme is more suitable for your appearance, then take a closer look at dresses of coral, bright yellow, scarlet, terracotta, peach, golden colors.

White and black high-waisted dresses are always relevant. For a more expressive look, it is recommended to complement them with bright details, for example, colored shoes or a strap.


Long gone are the days when it was believed that a dress must necessarily cover the ankles. Today, every girl can afford absolutely any dress model - from barely reaching to the hips, to a dress with a long train.

High waist dress length


Long dresses with a high waist, as a rule, are made in the style of antiquity. They are characterized by a free, natural silhouette. To create such dresses, they choose light, flying fabrics (chiffon or organza) so that the long skirt flows beautifully. Often there are models with a high slit on the skirt, which allows you to showcase slender legs. The bodice of this dress can be loose, or it can tightly fit the chest. Not uncommon - models with an asymmetrical bodice with a shoulder strap thrown over one shoulder.


Mid-length high-waisted dresses can be considered a versatile option suitable for a wide variety of situations. A mid-knee skirt will be appropriate both at work and in the theater or at the exhibition. Going to a holiday, you can afford a flirty outfit with a flared skirt. An indispensable addition to such a dress is shoes with heels, which add height and allow you to maintain the correct proportions of the figure.


Short dresses with a high waistline are a great option for a party. The cropped skirt is easy to move, so you can dance all night long. Such models look especially impressive with high heels - so your legs will seem dizzyingly long. Designers offer many options for high-waisted mini dresses, from models with puffy tutu skirts to tight-fitting stocking dresses.


When choosing a dress for a celebration or other event, be sure to remember about the weather outside the window. After all, no matter how beautiful you look in a tiny chiffon dress, in winter it will not be entirely appropriate, even if the event takes place in a warm room and you arrived there by car.


High-waisted summer dresses are usually sundresses loved by all girls. Indeed, on a hot day, there is nothing more comfortable than a light, loose outfit.High-waisted sundresses can be either super-short (these models are more suitable for the beach) or long, with a floor-length skirt (such a dress will protect the skin from sunburn during a long walk).

A separate category of high-waisted summer dresses is ethnic style dresses.

Ethnic Style High Waist Summer Dress


During the off-season, the weather can change every day, "switching" from warm to cold, from rain to snow and vice versa. At this time, we rarely wear shoes, often sporting boots or ankle boots. The dress should match the shoes - be as graceful and elegant. Since in the spring-autumn season we usually wear outerwear - raincoats, coats or jackets - the dress can be quite light, for example, made of thin jersey. The choice of evening dresses for the off-season is incredibly diverse: here you can find long velvet dresses, satin midi dresses, and cropped lace models.


In the cold season, you need to take care not only of beauty, but also of your own health. Therefore, it is better to put off light dresses made of thin fabrics until the onset of warmth. Even in warm clothes, you can remain feminine and elegant, especially if these clothes are high-waisted dresses. For winter, it is better to purchase models from dense, mostly natural materials - warm knitwear, wool, drape, cashmere, etc. Knitted dresses with braids or Scandinavian patterns look very cute and cozy.

Fashion trends

  • In the new fashion season, fluffy dresses with layered skirts made of organza, tulle and other translucent fabrics will again become popular. The image of a ballerina should be tried on by miniature, slender girls.
  • Metallic fabrics are returning to our wardrobes again. A futuristic dress made of silver, shiny material will make you the center of attention.
  • Green dresses will be at their peak this year. Preference should be given to unusual, saturated shades of this color. Be sure to get yourself at least one dress in a deep green color, for example, a shade of pine needles or jade, for the summer.

Selection Tips

  • High-waisted dresses are a great option for expectant mothers. In the first months of pregnancy, this style will help to hide the emerging tummy. And at a later date, these dresses are simply more comfortable than regular outfits that are tight at the waist and at the hips.
  • Dresses with an offset waistline are suitable not only for special occasions or informal events. Designers offer many models of such dresses, which will be appropriate in an office with a strict dress code. A semi-fitted dress with a white bodice and a black skirt has already become a classic example of business style in clothes.

What to wear with?

A high-waisted dress can be combined with a wide variety of clothing. In summer, you can put on a denim jacket or an openwork bolero over the dress. In cool weather, a leather jacket, trench coat or cardigan will do. If you are heading to an event in a dress that reveals the shoulders, bring a beautiful stole to match the outfit.

Tights and stockings should also be chosen according to the season. In the heat, it is better to do without them altogether, but if the requirements of the dress code prohibit this, choose the most subtle, transparent options. If the dress itself is laconic, you can revive the image with colored or fancy tights.

High-waisted dress tights


High-waisted dresses are one of the most feminine and graceful pieces of clothing and should be complemented with appropriate accessories.

We select the handbag and jewelry so that these details match the style of the outfit. For a romantic look, it will be a small decorative clutch and thin, openwork earrings. A large bag or "baguette" and discreet, but high-quality jewelry are more suitable for a business woman.


It is advisable to buy shoes for such a dress with heels - it can be sandals with thin straps, classic shoes or elegant boots.In summer, a long sundress with a high waist can be worn with sandals or clogs - here a high heel is not required.

For a casual outfit, you can opt for something more comfortable, such as ballet flats or oxford boots. The main thing is that the shoes are harmoniously combined with the style of the dress, and it is not at all necessary to choose them to match the handbag or accessories.


I love these dresses - they hide my small tummy, and the figure looks flawless.

Alyona ↩ Lena 18.08.2020 12:54

A good cut really hides flaws and emphasizes advantages, but only if it is long. And the longer, the slimmer a woman looks in such a dress, and in a floor-length dress - generally a porcelain figurine. With the short one, the opposite is true) - such a style for skinny girls-schoolgirls.

High waist, shorter dress - very sexy!


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