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The wrap dress will beautify any figure!

The wrap dress will beautify any figure!
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  3. Who is it suitable for?
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  6. Knitted
  7. With sleeves
  8. With drapery
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Every woman can look amazing in a dress if the style is chosen well. But among the variety of models, one can single out an outfit that can decorate absolutely any female figure - this is a wrap dress.


In a dress of this style, the front is divided into two separate elements. One of them is wrapped on one side from the top to the other, as a result of which a V-like neckline is formed at the outfit.

Party wrap dress

Often, strings are used to fix the dress on the figure. The length of the models is different, but the classic option is considered to be a length slightly below the knees. Often the model of such a dress is made in the form of a wrap-around robe, but the fabrics for the dress are expensive and beautiful.

A bit of history

The appearance of dresses with a wrap effect is associated with Diana von Fürstenberg. The idea to create such a dress model came from this famous designer in 1973 after she created a wrap top. For the first dress of the new cut, jersey fabric was used. The dress beautifully emphasized the feminine silhouette, did not interfere with movement and was easily put on. In the first two years, women bought more than five million of these outfits.

In 1997, Diana decided to update the wrap dress. New models began to be sewn from modern fabrics, their hem was shortened, and the collar was made narrower. The reissued dress also featured interesting prints and updated finishes. Nowadays, such models are in demand among women and are found in the wardrobes of many fashionistas.

We also note that similar clothes for women appeared a little earlier.Back in the 1940s, Claire McCardell offered American women loose-fitting, scent-based clothing. This designer's creation was a denim outfit, but it was not quite a wrap dress, as it was worn on top of more elegant clothes.

Claire McCardell Denim Wrap Dress

Who is it suitable for?

In a dress with a wrap-around effect, any woman looks graceful and attractive. Thanks to the V-neck created in halves of the outfit, you can effectively emphasize and slightly lengthen the neck.

In addition, the advantages of such dresses are:

  • Visual narrowing of the shoulders.
  • Accentuating the waist line.
  • Improving the silhouette (the girl looks taller and more slender).
  • Visual enlargement of the bust.

Given these advantages, the style can be recommended for women with curvaceous forms, especially if the figure resembles an inverted triangle. If a girl wants to narrow her waist, she should choose a one-color outfit and add a belt of the same color as the dress.


The most common wrap dresses are:

  • With a flared skirt.
  • With asymmetrical hem.
  • With a pencil skirt.


Such dresses are referred to as casual wear. In a jersey wrap dress, a woman looks very attractive, as such an outfit helps in creating a beautiful silhouette.

White knitted wrap dress

Knitwear drapes with ease and contributes to emphasizing feminine curves. In addition, dresses made from this fabric are well washed and do not need to be ironed.


Wrap-effect dresses are presented in both machine and hand-knitted. If you knit or crochet such a dress, you will get a unique product to your liking. At the same time, knitted models are both summer (made of thin cotton) and denser (made of wool and acrylic).

With sleeves

Sleeves in wrap models are either long or short. There are dresses that have no sleeves at all, but the most attractive are products with three-quarter sleeves. Such a sleeve barely exposes the wrists, which adds romance and tenderness to the image.

With drapery

In such dresses, the front part of the product, which is wrapped, drapes beautifully. For the manufacture of such outfits, fabrics are used that can flow and fall, forming folds and gathers. Most often, such dresses are monochromatic (blue, red, pink are especially common), but there are also printed products.

 Draped Wrap Dress



This length of a wrap dress is chosen mainly for special occasions. Floor length dresses of this style in scarlet, silver, ivory, white, burgundy and emerald colors look especially luxurious.

Floor-Length Wrap Bustier Dress

Ankle-length summer casual dresses are also common. They are often adorned with a bold print, such as a floral print or a plaid print. Many long dresses of this style are worn with a belt, which can be in tone alongside or in contrasting colors.


Medium length is most often found in models with a smell. Such dresses can be both modest and elegant, as well as daring and seductive. They can be tied using a solid color belt, a brooch or a hidden clasp. Such dresses are very diverse and may differ in the shape of the neckline, color, fabric or the presence of a sleeve.

A short

In such dresses with a wrap, a woman looks very seductive and sexy. A short length is often chosen for an evening dress, matching stiletto heels and an elegant handbag.

In such a dress, a girl will draw attention to her legs, so this model is recommended only for slender young ladies.

Popular colors


Models with a smell of this color can be worn on a date or to the theater.

Red short wrap dress

If you want to attract attention, choose a dress in a bright shade, trimmed with inserts in a contrasting color, rhinestones or embroidery.


Models with a black scent can be called a good office option.

Black Chiffon Wrap Dress

Since black is considered a basic color, it is easy to combine any accessories with such outfits.


Often, white wrap dresses are presented by beach models made of translucent and airy fabric. Such products are almost imperceptible on the body and bring coolness on a hot summer day.

Short white wrap dress

In addition, there are elegant snow-white models - both above the knee length and long to the floor.


A dress in this color can be both smart and casual.

Navy blue wrap dress

A delicate blue satin dress, complemented by a silver belt, looks elegant. Dark blue models are suitable for a business style, as they will not stand out in the office. They are complemented with boats and a jacket.



Linen, cotton and other lightweight fabrics are used for sewing summer models of wrap-around outfits. Often, for such dresses, multi-colored fabrics are selected, due to which the products are bright and juicy.

Spring / Autumn

In cool autumn weather or early spring, mid-length wrap dresses are usually worn. They are complemented by a raincoat, jacket or coat, as well as boots or high-heeled shoes.


In winter cold, models with a smell made of dense knitwear and wool are most in demand. They usually have a long sleeve.

What to wear with?

You can choose any handbag for a dress of this style.

Envelope handbag for a wrap dress

A large everyday model of a bag, a small clutch, and a handbag with a long thin belt will look equally attractive with it. You can decorate your neck with a small elegant scarf.


Long beads (the beads should be small) and dangling earrings are good choices for a wrap-around dress.

Jewelry (beads) for a wrap dress

If the model has a three-quarter sleeve, the wrist should be decorated with several bracelets or an expressive watch. An evening dress of this style goes well with pearls and gold jewelry.


An ideal pair for wrap models are sandals or high-heeled shoes. Especially if the dress is presented in its classic midi length.

High-heeled shoes for a dress with a wrap with buttons

Sandals with straps go well with a summer dress. In a cool season, it is worth wearing stiletto boots for such an outfit. In winter, a wrap dress can be complemented with high boots without a heel or with thick, stable heels.

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