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What to wear with a shirt dress?

What to wear with a shirt dress?
  1. Denim
  2. Into the cage
  3. Long
  4. A short
  5. Business style
  6. On every day
  7. Evening style
  8. What to wear with in spring and summer
  9. Winter and autumn look
  10. What shoes to wear

Dress shirt has become fashionable for a long time and steadfastly maintains its position in world collections. This dress is a must-have for every stylish girl. Not surprising, because it is suitable for any figure and any age. If someone finds it too simple and everyday, then you just have to add the right accessories and you will get an elegant and elegant look.


A denim dress is already an independent and stylish thing that goes well with accessories of different styles. The main thing is not to combine a denim shirt dress with jeans.

Decorations for a denim shirt dress

The main friend of the shirt dress is leather shoes in a brown shade. In addition, do not forget about other leather accessories - a belt, a bag or a large clutch. Rough boots or even ballet flats are perfect for the overall set.

Going to work, over a denim shirt dress, feel free to wear a dark blazer in a masculine style. If it's cool enough outside, put on a classic raincoat or a medium-length coat on top.

Coat for a denim shirt dress

The denim dress goes well with classic and sports shoes, colored belts, hats, knitted scarves and stoles.

Into the cage

Checkered shirt dress will be in fashion for more than one season. After all, the cage is one of the most popular prints over the past many years.

They wear such a dress with high boots or ankle boots. In a cool season, a knitted free beret and a cardigan will come in handy.

Checkered shirt dress accessories

Leather accessories are ideal for a plaid dress, such as a thin leather strap and a small leather Chanel-style handbag on a chain.It can be safely worn with skinny jeans or leather trousers.

In a cool season, it is better to put on a biker jacket or a short denim jacket upstairs. The look in a plaid dress will be perfect for lovers of the so-called "street" style.

Jacket for a checkered shirt dress


A floor-length shirt dress is the right choice for those who want to look feminine and gentle. For more daring ladies, a dress made of lightweight fabrics will be a good choice. You can beat it with stylish jewelry and a small handbag.

For a casual look, a long dress is best complemented with contrasting belts and a large bag. The main thing is that the belt should not contrast with the shoes you have chosen.

A long denim dress should be worn with jackets, sandals or sandals, complementing the image with large chains, bracelets and even hats.

Decorations for a denim dress-shirt to the floor

A short

Knee-length or very short shirt dress is usually worn in summer. What the dress will be combined with depends on its model and fabric. It can look good with both simple ballet flats and heeled shoes.

A short dress can be worn as a stand-alone outfit, or as a tunic, complemented by leggings or skinny skinny jeans. It is universal and does not require any special accessories. Nevertheless, the image can be complemented with straps and bracelets. The thin leather strap will accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer.

Leggings for a short shirt dress

If you complement the image with a clutch and stiletto heels, you will get an evening outfit, and if with sneakers and a backpack bag, you will have an absolutely casual walking image.

In the spring, you can combine this dress with a sweater or cardigan. Scarves go well with this look, especially if they are in a contrasting color, and you can wear opaque tight tights on your legs.

For work or business events, choose a shirt dress in muted colors. Having fastened the collar of the dress with the last button, complement the look with short laconic earrings.

The material of the dress also plays a big role. A dress made from natural fabrics such as linen and cotton will look very gentle and soft. It is better to choose a solid-shaped bag and accessories for it.

And for a light flowing shirt dress, you can choose a one-piece bracelet and a hat.

Decorations for a short summer shirt dress

Business style

Thanks to the collar, closed top and medium length, the dress-shirt fits perfectly into the strict dress code.

Accessories for a business shirt dress

Accessories should also be of a reasonably restrained color. Shoes and a bag must be of a classic shape. This will make the image more businesslike and austere. Put on a thin strap at the waist for the dress, and decorate your neck with thin beads.

In cooler seasons, wear a medium coat or trench coat over your dress. The jacket in this case will look inappropriate and stupid.

On every day

The shirt dress in brown, gray-green and brown-green military-style is supported in the same style with coarse heavy boots, leather belts and bracelets. It is better to choose a dark denim vest or jacket over the dress.

A light shirt dress will transform shoes and accessories into a casual look. Ballet flats, wedge sandals, slates will help with this. A large bag, sunglasses and large bracelets and rings will add brightness.

Evening style

Almost any shirt dress can be played up in an evening style. If you complement your dress with a wide belt that matches in color with shoes, for example, high-heeled pumps and a clutch, you will look perfect at an evening event.

Accessories for an evening dress-shirt

Gold-tone jewelry, earrings with bright stones and a denim jacket will also come to the rescue. It is worth noting that it is the accessories that bring the accent to the evening look.

What to wear with in spring and summer

Accessories and footwear should be chosen based on the event and the place where you are going to go. For example, a clutch and silver jewelry are perfect for work.If you are going for a walk, then more massive jewelry, a wide belt and a large bag will be appropriate.

Accessories for a summer shirt dress

Whether you wear a heel or choose a flat sole - the decision is yours. The main thing is that the final image is harmonious and you feel comfortable. In warmer weather, you can wear a cardigan or a light trench coat over the dress.

Braided accessories are ideal, but leather materials will be just as great. Ballet flats, high sandals with heels or wedges are perfect. The bag must be necessarily large; a wide leather belt is matched to it.

Wicker bag for a summer shirt dress

Winter and autumn look

A great option for a warm shirt dress is a short cashmere coat. This look can be complemented with a classic bag.

If you want to give your look a bit of femininity, then a large leather clutch, worn over the shoulder, can do it. On the contrary, for a more informal look, it is worth adding leather accessories.

Coat for a winter shirt dress

In winter, a fur coat will warm you, it is better if it is long just above the knee. You can combine such an outfit with a small clutch and medium-length suede boots with thin heels.

For a tougher look, swap out stiletto heels for heavy cowboy boots. And if you decide to wear a denim dress in winter, then a down jacket or a rabbit fur coat is perfect for it.

What shoes to wear

The style of the dress directly affects the choice of shoes. For example, denim shirt dresses look good with large boots, but thin cotton dresses are best worn with sandals and sandals. For an office outfit, classic pumps, black or brown ankle boots with heels will come in handy.

But for the "street" image, you can experiment. It all depends on the desired final bow you want to get. It can be both brutal boots with coarse lacing, Cossack boots, and simple boots with stable heels or even jackboots.

A pair of white sneakers, athletic shoes and moccasins will be the ideal companion for this sporty ensemble.

Sneakers for shirt dress

In the coming season, the shirt dress has become a real hit and deservedly so. It's incredibly versatile and comfortable. Therefore, all girls who have not yet had time to acquire one are strongly recommended to think about it.

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