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A polo dress is a great solution for outdoor activities

A polo dress is a great solution for outdoor activities
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Today this polo is considered unisex clothing, but many years ago it first appeared as an element of a men's tracksuit. The polo shirt was worn by men who played the sport of the same name. Gradually, polo “retrained” from sportswear to casual, and over time, girls began to wear this element of the wardrobe, albeit in a slightly modified form.

Midi length gray polo dress

The polo dress is an elongated shirt with short sleeves and a turndown collar with buttons. It is comfortable and does not restrict movement, so it is great for outdoor activities. The first polo dresses were predominantly light shades and monochromatic. Today, the colors of these outfits are much richer. Two-tone and three-tone models are popular, as well as dresses with geometric patterns.

Often, girls choose more feminine varieties of polo, for example, with ruffles on the skirt.

Who is it suitable for?

A polo dress is one of the few types of clothing that suits all girls, without exception. With a simple, semi-fitted silhouette and classic mid-knee length, it perfectly conceals all flaws - if any - and highlights your merits.

Semi-bodycon beige polo dress

On sports girls, such dresses fit best - and it is not surprising, because the polo was invented precisely in order to demonstrate a beautiful, athletic figure. However, even those young ladies who do not pay much attention to this side of life can afford this outfit.

Chubby girls will definitely love the way the polo dress sits on them. A straight cut, the absence of any decor in the waist and hips, in combination with a dense fabric, masks excess volume in the lower part.On the other hand, the cropped sleeve and the playful neckline with buttons allow to present the neckline in a favorable light.


Since the polo dress was originally intended for outdoor sports, it had a length just above the middle of the knee. Such a skirt was considered optimal, as it did not constrain movement and allowed the athletes to feel comfortable. However, over time, strict requirements regarding the length of the dress disappeared, and today in stores you can find polo models with skirts of very different lengths - from mini to maxi.


A dress with a skirt below the knee is considered long. For sportswear, such a length is not typical, but the polo dress has long migrated from a sports wardrobe to a casual one. The long polo dress looks very unusual, thanks to the combination of sports elements (short sleeves, buttoned collar) and a romantic loose skirt.

Below the knee polo dress

A long polo dress is not suitable for all situations, for example, in the office or at a cultural event, it will look out of place. But for walking around the city, going to the beach or shopping, it is simply irreplaceable.

A polo dress with a floor-length skirt is rare, but it looks incredibly impressive. This model is especially well suited for tall girls - with a small stature, a straight maxi skirt can deform the proportions of the figure.


The midi length for a polo dress is considered classic, so models with a mid-length skirt are the most popular. Such a dress allows you to demonstrate a sports figure and slender legs, without going beyond the bounds of decency. In addition, it is easy to choose shoes for a mid-length polo dress - it can be either soft, textile boots, or sneakers or sandals.

Mid-length black polo dress

A polo dress is usually made from light, natural fabrics, in which it is comfortable to engage in vigorous activity. Cotton is most often chosen for this purpose. But dresses made of “non-sporting” materials, for example, denim, look more original.

A short

In summer, there is nothing more comfortable than a dress with a mini skirt. A short polo dress is perfect for the heat, as it does not fit the figure and is made of material that is comfortable for the body. At the same time, cropped models of such dresses are very diverse.

Short blue polo dress

Short polo dresses with a pleated skirt crumple the clothes of tennis players. This outfit looks very attractive. A more romantic look can be created with a polo dress in a delicate color, which has a skirt with playful ruffles.

Another option is a short polo dress with a drawstring skirt. The fitted silhouette makes the usual sporty outfit more feminine.

Types of fasteners


The classic polo dress is fastened with two or three buttons. Modern models can have any number of fasteners. For example, safari-style models are now quite popular, which are fastened with buttons to the waist or along the entire length.


Metal rivets on polo dresses are a tribute to modernity. These clasps are most often seen on denim or other rough materials. Military-style dresses are usually fastened with rivets.

Denim polo dress with studs


The zipper is very rare on polo dresses. If present, it goes along the entire length of the dress. Zip-up polo dresses are usually very simple and are designed specifically for sports.

Lack of fasteners

Sometimes you can see a polo dress without a fastener at all. As a rule, in this case, the outfit does not have a collar at all, but there is an unusual neckline, for example, a round or rectangular one.

Slip-on polo dress

What to wear with?

  • With a jacket or sweater. The polo dress goes well with cropped lightweight jackets, such as bomber jackets. It will also look harmonious with a denim jacket or sweatshirt. For a high-class look, throw a diamond-cut V-neck sweater over your polo dress.
  • With hats. The polo dress can be combined with small straw hats, baseball caps, tennis caps or sports caps. For a nautical look, wear a peakless cap to your white and blue polo.
  • Tight pants. A polo dress is rarely worn with tights - these wardrobe elements do not go well with each other. If it's cool outside, you can wear such a dress with skinny jeans, leggings or leggings.
  • Socks or knee-highs. Many of us have not worn these wardrobe items since childhood - and in vain. Together with a polo dress, little white socks peeking out from under the shoes look very cute. A more flirtatious and playful look can be created with high socks.


A polo dress does not go well with classic shoes, so for those who do not like high-heeled shoes, this is a great option. But with such an outfit, you can wear all types of athletic shoes - from sneakers to tennis shoes. Sneakers and moccasins look good with a polo dress.

Those who prefer more feminine shoes can wear this outfit with ballerinas or comfortable flat sandals. For warm weather, sandals or even flip-flops are fine. Also, don't forget about clogs and slippers. Those who like to wear fabric "leaky" boots in the summer can safely experiment with these shoes and polo dresses.


Decorations. A sports polo dress does not need jewelry, maximum - bright rubber bracelets and badges with the symbols of your favorite teams. If the outfit is made in a different style, it is quite possible to wear several jewelry to it. Of course, jewelry will not work here, but simple jewelry or discreet jewelry will be quite appropriate.

Decorations for a polo dress

Belt. A polo dress is very often worn with a belt, as it allows you to define the waist line, which makes the figure more feminine. This outfit looks great with a braided leather strap or a thin textile belt.

Watches and glasses. It's best not to wear too many accessories at once with a polo dress. It is better to choose the most necessary and functional things. This dress is well suited for a massive watch in a sporty style and oversized sunglasses.

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