Styles and models of dresses

Spring dresses: what do designers offer for the most romantic time of the year?

Spring dresses: what do designers offer for the most romantic time of the year?
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Spring is coming, and it's a sin not to take the chance to show yourself in all its glory in a dress. In addition, fashion designers presented very feminine and romantic outfits.

What models and styles are relevant for the most romantic time of the year and what do designers offer us? Let's figure it out.

Spring dress from Air Barcelona


For every situation and any event you plan to attend, you can choose a spring dress of the appropriate length.

Short and long spring dresses

For a social event to your liking, you will have long dresses to the floor. Of course, you can pick them up for every day, because they have the property of hiding figure flaws. Make the silhouette visually slimmer.

If the party is going to be held in a cramped, crowded room, then it is appropriate to wear a midi dress so as not to constantly worry about the hem of your outfit.

Knee-length dresses are also suitable for a bright everyday look.

The real hit of the spring season is a tight-fitting short dress with an interesting print.

Printed mini dress

Styles and fashion models

Let's talk a little about fashionable models and styles of dresses for the new spring season.

Sheath dress

Closed sheath dresses with lace and sequin trim are always especially popular.
In warmer months, a dress with an open neckline and neck will become a favorite.


Dresses in the style of the year will suit girls with any type of figure.They have an original and stylish cut.

Asymmetrical mermaid dress

Recently, you can see these dresses not only in the maxi length, but also in the midi length, which is more comfortable for everyday life. Therefore, they are no less relevant.


Any fashionista will no doubt not refuse to have a dress with a fluffy skirt in her wardrobe.

Evening puffy dress spring

This might be a familiar pattern:

  • in the style of baby dollars;
  • in the style of new bow;
  • with a tutu skirt;
  • with a bell skirt;
  • balloon with a skirt;
  • A-silhouette.

More and more often, designers are using fancy cut.

In any case, both options are suitable not only for spring celebrations.

Hoodie dress

There are plenty of baggy dresses in designer collections. They come in different lengths, colors and are suitable for all occasions.

Open dresses

A corset bodice and a flared skirt are appropriate at different times of the year, but in spring, a bandeau dress becomes almost a basic outfit in a wardrobe.

Open midi dress

Dress shirt

A simple cut dress in a shirt style along with a striped print, unusual colors is becoming a real trend on the red carpet and in everyday life.

Wrap dress

A popular version of a fashionable spring dress is a medium-length wrap model.

Rosa Clara wrap dress

Girls of different physique will look great in this outfit, which will give them additional grace and femininity.

A charming asymmetrical wrap dress is presented in the new Angelos Bratis collection.

Wrap Dress by Angelos Bratis

With sleeve

Spring season dresses are presented with different sleeves:

  • classic long;
  • bat;
  • puffs;
  • wing sleeves;
  • very cute and feminine lantern sleeve;
  • graceful three-quarter sleeve.


Asymmetrical dresses perfectly hide all figure flaws with the help of various details, for example, an interesting neckline or an unusual hem.

They look unusually attractive.

Slit, cutout and plunging neckline

All three of these elements are extremely popular in the warmer months and can be combined in one dress. The red carpet is a prime example of this.

Dress with slit, cutouts and plunging neckline

Excessive sexuality is always frowned upon. If you do not want increased attention, choose one thing:

  • closed dress with a deep slit or neckline;
  • dress with a neckline and a shallow slit or vice versa;
  • model with curly cutouts at the waist.

With a train

You will feel amazing in a dress with a train. But it is not suitable for every social event.

Open back dress

An open back is not only a seductive part of the body, sometimes it is a real work of art.

Strappy open back dress

Fortunately, the time of strict restrictions has passed. Open back dresses can be worn by anyone, regardless of skin condition, thanks to the bodily padding. The skin is hidden, and the dress itself does not hinder movement.


Dresses of bright saturated colors will become the leaders of spring. In priority:

  • burgundy;
  • rich orange and the colors of the bright spring sun;
  • coral.

So you can be sure that you will look fashionable and dazzling in a bright dress.

With flowers and prints

Various printed fabrics are also popular in spring. Dresses have become a trend:

  • with a geometric print;
  • with abstraction;
  • dotted;
  • with wide horizontal and vertical multi-colored stripes;
  • with bright zigzags.

The plant print is no less popular.

Just as opportunely romantic, restrained cut dresses from the spring collection are decorated with floral motifs, mainly large flowers.

Crochet and Knitted

Knitted dresses look very fashionable and unusual, be it with ordinary smooth knitting needles or an intricate crochet pattern.

Knitted spring dress lace

In knitted models, you will look incredibly stylish, besides, they fit perfectly on your chosen ones and emphasize their individuality well.


Light translucent fabrics remain in trend: organza, lace, chiffon, tulle.

They look incredibly feminine, airy and gentle.

For full

Fashionable trends have not spared overweight ladies. Dresses habitual for their type of figure are replaced by more interesting ones.

Closed spring dress for full

A dress with flounces and drapery can hide the minuses of the figure and fullness.

A long, not bright dress with a small print will also perfectly fit on overweight women. Visually, you will look slimmer and taller, since there will be no emphasis on the waist and it is the intricate pattern that will attract all the attention to yourself.

To hide the flaws, you need to focus on the merits. You can focus on the neckline or emphasize the waist with a voluminous skirt or thin belt. A-line dresses will hide the belly and sides. Flare sleeves or oversized sleeves can help hide full arms.

For pregnant

Pregnancy is the most beautiful state of a woman. And this is not a discovery that it is in the spring that expectant mothers also want to look fashionable, bright and feminine.

Spring maternity dress

Dresses for pregnant women should be comfortable, lightweight, made from natural fabrics. The main thing is that they do not cause discomfort.

Maternity dress spring lace

The most relevant dresses will be:

  • with a high waist;
  • shirt dresses;
  • dresses with a bell skirt;
  • asymmetrical.

If you are not afraid to show off your interesting position, choose tight dresses.

Maternity dress spring short

On every day

A huge selection of casual spring dresses will help create a unique feminine and light look. When choosing a dress, you can hope for your taste and preferences.

Spring dress for every day

A bright short dress will certainly suit the owners of slender silhouettes. A stylish look will be created by a loose cut dress in midi length with interesting trimmings.

A leather dress with lace inserts will look unusual and fashionable.

A layered dress in muted tones, with an unusual print or in a minimalist style will look feminine in a casual look.

The most practical is a shirt dress.


Floor-length evening dresses remain invariably relevant. A very interesting decision in the new season was a dress with a 3D effect, created from the imposition of fabrics of different textures.

Evening dress in the spring floor

The modern spring fashion of evening dresses welcomes open legs. And this is due to the appearance:

  • models with a cut;
  • dresses cropped in front with a flowing train;
  • form-fitting midi dresses with geometric complex prints;
  • dresses to the knee with a high collar and open shoulders.

There is a reason to experiment with color schemes in evening dresses. Remain in fashion:

  • Red color;
  • an interesting combination of several contrasting colors;
  • black remains unchanged in evening fashion,
  • dress in fabric with glitter and shimmery embroidery.


Floral prints and voluminous flowers have become a new trend in spring wedding fashion. A deep V-neck is also very popular, which is decorated with a transparent insert so that the bride's image is not too vulgar.

Wedding dress with flowers

The interpretation of a wedding dress with various lace inserts is also interesting.

A more traditional look will be given to the bride by a shimmery wedding dress with a Canadian neckline or layered lace, or a mermaid with an airy tail.

With regards to colors, the colors of washed-out minerals and dawn are relevant in the new season.

Decor and decoration

In the new spring season, not only traditional fringes and ruffles were used as decoration.

Spring sheath dress with sequins

The outfits are full of pleats and frills, rhinestones and sequins, voluminous embroidery. All kinds of beaded collars, patch pockets and decorative shoulder straps also serve as decor.

3D patterns of metal fittings, inserts of lush ostrich feathers and complex combinations of natural fur have become new and unusual.


The color scheme for spring dresses is very bright and rich:

  • gentle tones of azure blue and pink;
  • deep blue;
  • bright red;
  • shades of yellow and orange;
  • classic white and black.

A bit of elegance to spring dresses is given by the bright colors of the East - mustard, carmine, indigo, dark green and burgundy.

What to wear with

The selection of accessories for a spring dress depends on the time of day and the image. For example, an evening look would not be complete without a clutch and formal shoes, but in everyday life you can use shoes that are comfortable for you.

Evenings are chilly in spring, so boleros, capes and jackets keep you warm.

Fashion trends do not stand still, therefore there is a wide selection of spring looks. Look for a more suitable style for yourself and feel your consummation.

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